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Kuala Lumpur, Ma
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Fusion / Experimental
Raydiem Records
I've been playing guitar for about 20 years. I come from a musical family, having a grandmother who played piano in church for 50 years, and a father who is a P.H.D in music. As a curious 5 year old, i would play Weather Report's "Black Market" and Steely Dan's "Gaucho" from my Dad's extensive vinyl collection. I've been travelling around the globe for many years playing music full time. I came up with the idea of Raydiem Inquiry from my middle name Ray and added it to the word "diem" meaning day, or Ray's day, right? The music is an inquiry of how i spend many days(and nights). I compose/perform/arrange/engineer/sequence/record/mix/master my own music. Im constantly searching for new forms on the guitar, having influences ranging from traditional jazz, to rock, to experimental, TV shows like C.S.I., and of course all the amazing musicians here on Myspace. I'm humbled and amazed by the amount of support and encouragement shown by countless Myspace users, its truly a privilege to be here. I always want to keep improving my abilities as a musician, and draw inspiration from as many creative individuals as possible. May new music be given a forum to be heard and an openminded audience to hear it. Enjoy the mystery!
Daren Ray Nicholson

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