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Ras I-Maric is a very passionate reggae singer/songwriter who takes his career very seriously. He borns with his god given talent to do music and play football, growing up as a youth in Jamaica at the age of 13, I-Maric started singing, free styling against some of his friends but didn't realised that he had a gift from god and never took it seriously because of Poverty and football.
I-Maric was born and raised in the heart of Kingston jamaica without a father figure, he lost his dad at the age of three by stray bullets fired by gunman and police, so to make it out of the Ghetto wasn't easy for I-Maric nor other four siblings and loving mother Maggie.
Growing up in kingston 11 wasn't a bed of roses for I-Maric, he went through a lot of struggle, hardship, and sufferation, sleepless nights without dinner and going to school without lunch, but yet still he never step out of line or disobeyed his mother, I-Maric always try to do the right thing and loved his football, that was his main dream to become a professional footballer, he played school boy football, premier league and for his work place in jamaica before he migrated to england in 1999.
While living in england I-Maric went to college to further his knowledge in computer studies and engineering. then he moved on and started working, and playing football for various clubs, he was scouted at the age 25 and went on trials for two different clubs Kettering town and Brentford three times but didn't make it because of his fitness level and was jus recovering from a broken foot, but felt proud of himself to know that he have the capability of stardom.
In 2004 I-Maric was working, making Mannequin at a Mannequin company called Adel Roostein in west london, while at work I-Maric was always singing and dancing to music on the radio and sometimes free styling as usual when some of his co-worker never believed that what he was singing was his own music coming live from his brain on the spot, so one of his close friend/co-worker fitzroy aka major skits a english producer told I-Maric that he has a talent and he should start writing and maybe thinking of becoming an artist. That's when I-Maric got inspired and started to write his songs and going to the studios, when I-Maric started his music career in 2004 he wasn't taken seriously, he got a lot of criticism, and fight in the industry but that didn't stopped him from trying until he was linked with Ms Paula Henry aka Suzie Q in 2007 where they worked together and produced his first single OH MAMA in jamaica, the video was also done and was showing on the UK, US AND JA tv channel. Working with Suzie Q opened the doors for I-Maric, in 2008 he then got approach by a lady from Maryland in America about management, he also went to new york to opened a mothers day show for recording Artist Daville and working with a few young producers in new york and got interviewed on radio stations. The following year I-Maric recorded his second single called WICKED HAFFI RUN WEH on the golden gates riddim in england produce by Zion House Production along with various artist such as Determine from jamaica.
That helped gave I-Maric career a lot of recognition locally and internationally. In 2009 I-Maric decided to go Jamaica back to his homeland to try improved his meditation and further his musical career, I-Maric spent 9 months in jamaica, he was linking with Determine who took him to TruckBack Records up in new kingston to meet big producer Steve Locke who heard I-Maric music before but never know who he was, I-Maric spent most of his time at TruckBack Records waiting for his chance to be voiced, but still go to other studios such as FLAVA SQUAD, ALLIANCE/PAYDAY MUSIC, ARROWS, etc.
Coming back to England in 2009 wasn't what I-Maric wanted because he was getting good feedback and recognition in the music fraternity in Jamaica by doing his independent music promotions, he also got an important phone call from the previous business manager for Vybz Kartel, Mr Corey Todd about business, but at the same time I-Maric was about to leave the next week to return to england to sort out his housing issues. While back in England I-Maric was approached for the third time by a next lady from Boston Massachusetts about doing a 1 months tour, at different states doing some benefit shows for Haiti and with the possibility of getting managed.
I-Maric paid for his own flight to be there and performed in connecticut, hartford, boston, Manhattan, Philadelphia, even tho the management offer didn't worked out it was a great experience for I-Maric and something that he will never regret doing.
I-Maric wishes to say a big thank you to all those that have and still supporting his music and he will never stop writing good music with different topics and storyline for you all.
Thank you all God Bless.
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