Atlanta, Georgia, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Alternative / Pop / Soul

| Grown from Georgia’s rich, plentiful garden of musical brilliance are Grammy Award-winners like John Mayer, India.Arie, Outkast and R.E.M. to name a few. Just when it seems that flavor-of-the-month music has taken over the record business, another promising Georgia musician has sparked a fire. The word is out and the voice now recognized as remarkable, singer-songwriter, Randevyn Pierre is quickly becoming more familiar. Born the son of a Colorado preacher, Randevyn is turning heads in the music industry as he boldly flaunts his refreshing, polished brand of urban alternative music.

Randevyn’s music is motivated by his journey that began with $300 and a suitcase; a dream-driven Randevyn pushed his passion from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Atlanta, Georgia, where he found a spot as a session vocalist for platinum-selling rapper, Ludacris. In 2005, Randevyn’s independent release, “SolTrain” kicked off his music career as he earned the attention of major media outlets like B.E.T. and VH1. After the dust from this decidely soul-influenced album settled, Randevyn would spend the next three years on writing assignments with various EMI-roster producers before making the decision to focus on re-inventing his own music.

In 2007, after seeking guidance from musical mentor India.Arie, Randevyn began the creative process for a new album. Building song skeletons from original piano arrangements, Randevyn partnered with producer Mike Phillips of DBC of Atlanta to create, “The Randevyn Project”. Writing his own rules and cranking out colorful tunes reminiscent of 80’s soft rock, Randevyn creatively combines moving messages with band-heavy records underneath his Sunday-morning vocals. It’s quite apparent that his compositions focus their gaze on emotion. What immediately strikes when listening to Randevyn is the compelling inspiration infused with his music. With a voice that recalls a 28-year-old Stevie Wonder’s tenor pipes, Randevyn’s thought-provoking content is a modern day masterpiece, echoing the power of optimism and self-worth.

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