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Rostron Records and Chicksonspeed Records
"Music that makes you think; a riot of originality that not only celebrates difference and eccentricity but which positively embraces it!" - DJ MAGAZINE :: "Part Jarvis Cocker, part Wendy Carlos, an arresting outsider spectacle” - TANK :: “Unique, sounds like nothing else that’s come out this year" - PITCHFORK :: "Neo-vaudevillian kaleidoscope of a record, its vigorous and defiant, littered with off kilter touches" - WIRE MAGAZINE :: "I'm getting a record that is super fucking weird but also satisfyingly mind-blowing." - VICE magazine :: "You have to imagine a symphony orchestra playing electronic violas under psychedelic neon lights. Have it All is an auditory wonderland of xylophones, strings, and techno beats accompanied by creepy fairy chants" - NYLON MAGAZINE :: "Janine Rostron’s musical background gleams through her new album, Have it all not just mashed up but perfectly arranged" -
ELECTRONICBEAT :: "Have It all is unique and sounds like nothing else that's come out this year.her vocals are pure, expressive, and souful." :: "Rostron's Janis Joplin-like runs are able to cover the distance between melody and primal scream, leaving her free to exploit her entire expressive range." :: "Rostron invites us to become a part of her alienation, and injects the experience with a sense of humor. It repulses as it beckons; the more you ignore her, the closer she gets." - PITCHFORK
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