Pierced Arrows

Oregon, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Garage / Punk
Tombstone Records
After the demise of underground legends DEAD MOOD in fall 2006, nobody was surprised to hear that founders Fred and Toody Cole had lost little time in starting a new band. They recruited drummer Kelly Halliburton in April 2007, and soon the PIERCED ARROWS were up and running, playing live shows in the Northwest and recording songs for upcoming releases.

PIERCED ARROWS picks up, musically, where DEAD MOON left off - a lo-fi assault on the senses played with the sincerity and feeling that made DM such a special band for all of their fans around the world.

Stay tuned to this site for information about upcoming shows, releases, and tours. This is an "official" site, and was created and operated by the band. Please get in touch for booking or anything else.
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