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Hi, I'm a GUITARIST / COMPOSER. My music takes its roots in Rock, Electro, Blues, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ethnic, Classical and Contemporary composers's music.
I use guitar as well as loops / noises from the streets, from my environement. I also use home made instruments, like the "PHASME ©" : a home grown tubular metalic fretless guitar.
I've been playing guitar with bands such as : Hot Riders / Living In Texas / Applered / Bam-Baf / Mat Firehair's Imperators Of Kool / Le Cabaret des Filles de Joies de Juliette Dragon; and from time to time, with Brigitte Fontaine, Phillipe Gully & theater company Kimé ( as a composer & live performer ).
I'm now playing guitar with Jan Dark & The Dusk, Phaselock (aka Space Music Collective), Aaken, Swinging Life and different gifted artists. Working on my own productions too.
I'm also in my ninth year of classical music training ( classical / contemporary guitar, working on composer such as J.S. Bach, Leo Brouwer, Heitor Villa Lobos, Augustin Barrios Mangore, Maurice Ohana, with teacher Frederic Tennesson and harmony ( non mainstream classical form ) & writting, with Pierre Doury ) at La Schola Cantorum, here in Paris.
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