Perc - Take Your Body Off - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 16, 2014
Perc (aka London based Ali Wells) returns with his second album following 2011’s ‘Wicker & Steel’ the release of which pushed his sound to a wider audience than ever before. From making #5 on the Quietus’ best of 2011 list to The Guardian describing it as ‘a soundtrack for our times’ the album crossed into areas rarely reached by techno long-­players.
The Power & The Glory’ takes the Perc sound and expands it outwards in every direction. The rhythmic tracks pulse with more energy and bite than ever before, whilst the freeform tracks add a melodic and occasionally political edge to Perc’s already expansive repertoire.

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Perc Trax was launched in 2004 as a vehicle for Perc’s own productions & has evolved into a must check imprint for those with an interest in rough-edged electronic music from techno to house & electro to more experimental industrial & noise works. it has developed a core roster of artists likeTruss, Drax, Ansome, Forward Strategy Group, AnD, Bas Mooy, Happa, Sawf, Scalameriya, VSK & of course Perc himself, with heavyweights such as Ancient Methods, Untold, Clouds, Richard H. Kirk, Sigha, Marcel Fengler, Factory Floor & Chris Carter appearing on remix duties.

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