Ole Mossy Face

Artist / Band / Musician
Alternative / Southern Rock / Soul
Trey Deuce Club" The worlwide
Back when German science was what was.Nazi's secretly implanted Gerald with a unheard of micro/all-controling/thwarted by Dr.Pepper and aluminum home-made devices mind control chip.and it was under his guard and a magnolia tree filled with birds that Ole Mossy Face came to life.sterile hallswashed up managers and sirens all magnetically found their way onto the earlist recordings that Casey and Mason worked onwho would have thunk it was all because local/national/international artist D-Striker placed a cost esffective yet priceless classifiedtime passed and the sparse and forgiveing sound of Ole Mossy Face blossemed with help of countless musicians and friends.and especially Derek Wolfe, the banjo/guitar/jewharp player that sealed Ole Mossy Faces's fate as a "real " bandat least until Jared Renyolds shook up our snowglobe vison of the world and let it be known that bass certainly is important.With This lineup plus(Carter Administration/Hands Down Eugene) alumAndy Wilhite and The one and only "Missouri" Matt Moody(not The Clutters) OMF recorded and released Carnival Work.Wait.Oh Yeah.After That yet before it was releasedChinese Democracy was recorded/put out in conjunction with perhaps the mosteverdebatable, but themost time wrong( at least when it comes to the civil war) band The Ants ( Axel we are ready for trail, just let us know).Of course in reality Trey Deuce Club(OMF's first CD) hit the streets long before all thisWhich leads us to now.Well we wouldn't dooze it like we doing it if it weren't for Troy Daugherty(Duraluxe) playing guitarThings are great and Things are good.Don't expect nothing.just that We Own This Town.Thank We Ain't
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