Hands Down Eugene

Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Psychedelic / R&B
xoxo (madison) grand palace (whitestone/blackwitch
Matt Gunar Moody, MDA (Lead Vocals, Lead Bass, Lead Beard), left the
experience of making the Shadow Plains cult Favorite, Madison (xoxo
records, 2005), with the taste of milk and honey. After a lavish
month celebrating its release with a whirlwind "Tour of the Vengeful
Deserts", he found himself malaria-stricken, road-weary, clinging to
his beard in his half-awake, half-asleep coma of desperation that had
taken over what was once the life of a
of a pop superstar.
On February Twenty-Eighth, Twenty-O-Six, Moody climbed from his bed a
bald, heavily-bearded, whisp of a man --But a man, none-the-less!--
and rang his Latin/Japanese/Chinese/White butler to find him a glass
to toast with! he had written his next epic masterpieces ENTIRELY IN
Jeremy Ferguson (Lead Engineer/Producer) records all the music. His
day job is as a mechanic. He dreamed of being a frontman in a band
ever since he saw Marcy Playground at a halloween party in his
hometown, White Bridge, PA. Growing up a Quaker was tough but
Ferguson was always willing to put on a show.
Matt Martin (Lead Drummer) is the Author. They had music before he
joined the group but it took on a life brand new with his vision, his
whole take on non-melodius melodies, and the whole more is less than
more of nothing approach. Don't even get me started on the whale
Andy Willhite (Lead Guitar, Second rank Vocalist) was raised in the
jungles of Peru by spider monkeys, went on to complete his G.E.D., and
operates his own line of breakfast trucks ("Andy's Famous Pork Links &
Waffle Iron Hour!") when he's not attending classes at G.I.T.
Matt Rowland (Lead Piano and Organ) is blind, likens himself to
Richard Pryor in See No Evil, Hear No Evil (with Gene Wilder), has
always been bi-curious towards houses, and is very proud of his
achievements in bowling for the blind, which involves neither bowling
nor blind people.
Mason Vickery founded Orphans without Seals to make sure all the
children of the world could know of Seal's love. Seal, as you know,
has sold many records. Mason also arranges the seating in the VW
expanded Beetle-come-Bus-come-Tour Bus while the band is touring.
Todd Kemp left the band tragically in 2002 to form his own
breakdancing crew called Steppin for Jesus!. He dances for the Lord in
tiny churches all across the Congo.
old (like from the 60's):
Headphones are your friends. Currenty working on records with Jeremy Ferguson at Battle Tapes. along with the members of Hands Down Eugene ,there are many wonderful key musicians who have contributed greatly to this recording, they are in no certain order, Casey Sanders, Mason Vickery, and Derek Wolf from Ole Mossy Face, Ryan Ervin, Todd Kemp, and Andy Pandy from The Carter Administration, Chad Bryan, and Brad Nichols from The Ants, Jeff Stolz , and John Cochran from Drakansasauna, Jay Phillips from Apollo Up, Tam Nitram, Carl Broemel from My Morning Jacket,Jarod Reynolds of Ben Folds and Ole Mossy Face Tony Read of Tony Read, Jeremy Ferguson from Mercator, Mandy Peitz, Mary leek, Betsy Kat, Andy Snyder of The Bubblegum Complex,Falls City Angels, Brandes Holcomb of Falls City Angels, and Colossal Head,and Claudia Spagnol.Also contributing on the new record,Joel J Dahl,,Todd Beene,matt rowland ,Anna Fitzgerald,and more to come It has been an outstanding experience to work with all of these talented and creative individuals, all of whom are great friends, thanks all.
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