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World-Wide, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop / Funk / Psychedelic
Ubiquity Records (solo), and Tres Records (group)

"In Hip-Hop, you have great MCs and you have great producers.Ohmega Watts is one of the fortunate few who can bless microphones and drum pads alike."
- Impose Magazine
"Party-heavy.Ohmega Watts is half-Madlib, half-Eliot Lipp."
- Remix
"Ohmega Watts makes the kind of progressive, next-level hip-hop usually associated with London or Paris.'I ignite change with a stroke of my pen,' he rhymes, yet he also does it musically, with some of the phattest, most vibrantly soulful beats heard in quite a while. Whether flipping funky flavors with R&B legend Sugar Pie DeSanto or enlisting Brazilian vocalist Tita Lima for a tropical throw-down, Ohmega gives you plenty of reasons to turn him up even louder."
"Watts Happening seamlessly blends Furious Five-inspired routines and chants with Native Tongue-influenced beats, for some most interesting results.Watts creates a brand new sound that he can proudly call his own."
- Scratch
"In a struggling indie hip-hop market, Watts is a breath of fresh air, dropping enough thoughtful rhymes and quality productions to keep heads satiated until the next go-round."
"Watts Happening is hip-hop through and through, from the fat-bottomed shout-out hook in "What's It Worth" and static-dagger DJ scratches in "Triple Douple" to the LL Cool J allusion of "Roc the Bells", but it's hip-hop that's not afraid to plumb the depths of its own existence, to completely morph into its own influences instead of merely citing them."
- PopMatters
"Ohmega Watts isn't an angry or bitter man, and this is evident in his music, it makes Watts Happening just as intelligent, well-crafted, and interesting as its creator."
- All Music
"Watts reaches deeper into his crate of varied influences to come up with an expansive mix of sounds and styles that spins off into slow-strutting funk decrees, a batch of meaty Brazilian grooves and a healthy base of global percussive rhythms . Simply put, these are the musings of an artist that finds diversity as natural as the morning sunrise."
- Exlaim! (Canada) / Full Article (Link)
"It's b-boy to the very grain, with an unforced party-rocking throwbackedness, quickly pulsing with a bright Sunday-morning funk that's eminently listenable to non-rap listeners and diehards alike."
- Portland Mercury / Full Article (Link)
"This album has the power to change the minds of any Eminem-style rap fans with its real beats and meaningful lyrics."
- The Uniter (Canada) / Full Article (Link)

Making of 'The Platypus Strut'

Performing @ Lollapalooza 2006 w/Othello, DJ Manwell, DJ Bombay and 1773.

Born and Raised in Brooklyn, NY by West Indian Parents from the Island of Jamaica, Milton aka Ohmega Watts lived there for 8 years, then moved to Laurelton Queens, NY. He grew up around Reggae, Calypso, Soca, 80's pop and Hiphop, but never grabbed hold of listening or paying attention to any kind of music until he was around 11 years old. He gravitated towards hiphop, and came up on cats like Run DMC, LL Cool J, Big Daddy Cane, Dana Dane, BDP, Eric B and Rakim, Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, and Gangstar to name a few. but really grasped the sound and style of A Tribe Called Quest, Jungle Brothers, De La Soul, Black Sheep, the whole (at that time) Native Tongue family. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By fall 1992, Ohmega's parents wanted to move to Florida because it reminded them more of the islands, and NYC's congestion (people) traffic, and winter's finally got to them over the years. So he ended up in Orlando, FL where he began his own MCing skills in the year of 1993. He was also a pretty critical beat enthusiast, and loved beats by the likes of Pete Rock, Primo, Large Pro aka the Extra P aka Large Professor, and even the RZA for his rugged unorthodoxed production style at the time. Ohmega, was pretty picky and still is. even if his favorite MC was on a wack beat, he wouldn't listen to the song. He always had a passion to play the drums, and keys, but never had his own drum set or one to consistantly practice on, nor did he follow up on getting busy on the keys in his early years. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In 1997 Ohmega began getting pieces of equipment and started to produce, then in '98 upgraded himself to his now trusty MPC 2000. He began learning about diggin' in the crates for breaks, and samples, and finding out who were some key musicians back in the Jazz, Rock, Soul and funk era's. From that point on to present day, Watts has been diggin in the crates and producing tracks for his unit Lightheaded members, and close family of cats he's come to build relationships with. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Ohmega Watts' solo album is out now on Ubiquity Records titled 'The Find' and is available worldwide, and receiving plenty of good recognition from magazines, press and interviews. If you enjoy Ohmega Watts' tracks and songs you hear on this site, then you should consider seeking out 'The Find' and adding it to your collection. It will surprise you musically with all of the live elements in the mix that he used to create each composition. --------------- Stay tuned to see what watts has been cooking up in the Low Pro Lab (ASCAP.) Thanks for checking out his page and staying involved as his music career evolves.
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