Dirty N.Y.

Georgia, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop
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Hip Hop / R&B / Rock


On prison yards around the country, convicts work out, read, write, pray, and whatever else they need to do to maintain their sanity and deal with the mental anxiety of long, if not indefinite incarcerations. Some paint, some do leather crafts and sew, and some find their way to the music room……… GREEN FEATHER PRODUCTIONS is the house that Kelly Sirocco and Dirty NY built, two ex-convicts that both did extended bids in the prison system of America, Dirty in the Penal system of New York State, and Kelly in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The common denominator that linked the two together was the fact that they both found solace in the music rooms of their respective prisons. This is where they cultivated and nurtured their musical styles. In early 2007 they were introduced by a mutual friend and an instant mutual, musical respect was born. Now, Dirty NY the beat wizard and track master, and Kelly the instrumentalist and songwriter, form one of the hottest production houses in Atlanta. Dirty’s New York City steelo and Kelly’s Atlanta southern swag translates well into their music, they are poised to make some serious noise in 2008. GREEN FEATHER PRODUCTIONS is a professional, hip, company that specializes in Artist Concept and design, Artist Development and management, Music production, Songwriting, and Multi-Media Packaging. We secure record deals, label deals, endorsements, and product placement contracts. Our recording studio, “THE MUSIC ROOM”-- is state of the art and we are affiliated with an extended network of engineers, producers, media consultants, photographers/stylist, publicist, management, promoters, and industry executives. GREEN FEATHER PRODUCTIONS is a onestop shop that offers a vast array of services for the aspiring entertainer. For additional info on production packages or track /songwriting prices call 770-369-5795 or our management, DARYL GRAHAM MEDIA at 404-787-3213 .
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