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Reggaeton / Hip Hop / Reggae

Give thanks an praise for life an the mighty life
The Blessed Trinity,and The Mother of Creation Empress Menen i
for us all throughout eternity.
My name is Christopher Kitson a.k.a Mabrakat the fireball
kingston jamaica.born february 10 .19 .79, 31 years of age.
my mother name is Noami Hall,and my ather name is
Barrington Kitson.i was born in a little town called allmond
towm in kingston city,next to the national heroes circle
our ancesters resting place.first,i attend the arnold
basic school,then mico practicing all age school and after the
clan carthy comprehensive high school.
an from those days growing i have been a great admirer
of cultural artist singers reggae superstar on the television
such as,Peter Tosh,Burning Spear,Joseph Culture and the
legendary Robert Nester Marley Bob Marley.
it gives i a special feeling when i heard these angels chanting
its a vibes beyond explanation ,so i grow,i became more spritual
advance throughout the teaching of Marcus Mosiah Garvey and those artist.
and now i am a musician.and through this tradding,i have gained so much experience,
ruff an tuff,but still never give up,never regret,it teaches i a lot about life.
the people on the road side a.k.a the corner,they first test i an past i.they give i the energy
in the ghetto such as Allmond Town and Nannyville gdn where i an living now,Spanish
Town,wood ford park,Mountain view,top range,harnet gdns Havana Jungle.
the first sound with a name i sang an is a soud system called thorm bird in the gully back
woodford park,owned by a Rasta Man called thorm.thats where it bill a lot of courage in myself.then Mountain View,Nannyville gdn,a sound called cave man int,where i connect with a lot of artist,such as chicken chest,chicken hawk,Nordo Ranks,Jah Marcus,an after comes Sizzla,Luciana,Bounty Killer and a lot more i Mabrakat.lot of rehersal in the studio yard working out their voices.most time put a little money together to row a boat,in Jamaican words a.k.a,cook a pot,things like cornmeal flour ,banana yam,while some other rasta breathen busy looking for open ackee in the tree to pick and prepare.
it was such a wonderful experience that i can never forget in my life.most time when finish singing an tired,we dont worry about going home,we just put one sound box down flat on the ground an have a night sleep.Jah Jah knows.i before sing for producers like Fattis Borrell,Chacka Demos,Robert French,and a lot of young upcoming producers , and before i did some work work with a producer from holland called Asha E ,that breathen i sing the song upstairs for.Hugh Miller an Norman King,the song,love jah,on the chapter a day riddim,A lustre king production in califonia with coren hoskell an moon as producer.and much more. I & Empress Redfiregjal music Studio also produce one song before called ,just love, featuring ,Chezedek,Kamaua,Firetime from Europe,Jah Marcus,and i Mabrakat.still moving onn an onn and waving the banner of love,naaaaah give up.give thanks for all that Jah have done for i an i an The Bobo Shanty Internation Congress located 9 miles bull bay our school an church of salvation for the poor and have not,the Black Christ of Salvation foundation for us all.more than words can say ,Jah Rastafari.teach an groomed us to do his work and keep his commandment.Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I Jah Rastafari,give thanks to the almighty god for everything before and what he is doing now and what to come in the future.One Jah ,One Aim ,One Destiny.Jah Rastafari for us all.Mabrakat to world more life an prosperity to all my fans in the the world.
More life.
Selassie I.

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