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I've been told the name 'Krantz' was given to a soldier passing through Germany, on his way home to Sweden, after trying to pick a fight with Napoleon.

Krantz the First died in lepracy, after that we've been dying of all sorts of things.

There have been lots of us through the years.

I was named Johan after the greatest centre forward of all times, Johan Cruyff.

Cruyff was one of many youngsters who emerged with Ajax and came to dominate European and world football in the early Seventies.

He was seen by many as the natural successor to Pele as the world's greatest player.

The Dutch side he captained were the most exciting and talented team in international football, yet, strangely, they never won a major trophy during his reign.

My grandmother plays the mandolin and the violin, other then that she's a kick ass tabletennis player.

That pretty much sums it up, does'nt it?

/J. Krantz


'Brave you free May' (Stereo Test Kit/Mi Amante/Eget Bevåg Grammofon 2006)

'Seek ye first the kingdom of Music 77' (Trust No One/Great Northern 2003)

Split 7" with Ed Greene (His Ideal Haircut 2003)

7" (Persona Grammofon 2001)


'Come in' (Villa recordings 2002)

'Support' (Villa/Johnny Brttom 2003)

'Svensk Populrmusik vol 2' (Johnny Brttom 2003)

'A night at softore' (Delicious Goldfish Records 2004)

'Records Make Great Pets - Volume 1' (Stereo Test Kit Records 2005)

'Ride your poni' (Poni Republic 2006)




".the undeniable vocals from brainchild Johann Krantz guide you through the sort of emotional journey that many an artist promises to deliver but rarely do. This is truly beautiful and should be taken in strong arms and wooed until the pain subsides."

Spill magazine - Gary Munday - October 2006

"It's like that moment in the darkest storm where the final flash of lightning reveals the blue skies flooding in."

Sounds XP - Ged M - November 2006

"Brave You Free May is soul searching music that has a timelessness to it because it digs at the very core of you, and can quite seamlessly take you from drear and tragedy to wonder and realisation."

Subba-Cultacha - Marc Higgins - 16 October 2006

"Using silence like a force, the music haunts you to the extent you almost want to rush out and rent a log cabin in the snow encrusted fjords so you can hear it in its natural surroundings."

Netrhythms - Mike Davies - November 2006

".the sounds reflect the low-key, first-take attitude and are brittle beauties of spotlit cobwebbed corners, shivering in the draught of cool breezes. Not that these are cold recordings; there is a warmth that glows soft like the embers of wood stoves dying in the night or the crinkling autumnal warmth of piles of fallen leaves."

Tangents - Alistair Fitchett - September 2006

Exit Music - 5/5 - 15/20

Blueprint Fanzine - 9/10 - 7/10

Flaming Youth - 5.5/7

Onetake Magazine - 4/5 - 7.5/10 - 8/10 - 15/20 - 7/10
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