Björn Kleinhenz

Artist / Band / Musician
Pop / Alternative / Indie
Devil Duck/Tomt Recordings/Eget Bevåg Grammofon

Björn Kleinhenzs fifth album is called B.U.R.M.A. and is relesed in September

of 2009.

It is recorded by Björn alone on the island Fårö on the east coast of Sweden where he has lived since new year with his girlfriend and their rabbit Humle.

It dispalys a new intimate sound with sparkling and fizzling arrangements intricate and tiny.

Here are a few lines that have nothing to do with anything but are beautiful nonetheless:

I am a mountain now

I am the sea and sky

I am a puff of smoke

coming through your window

I am a sundown queen

You are my everything

And no matter what Carson said

We hunt in pairs!


2003 You Go Your Way And Ill Go Your Way Too (7")

2003 Yeah, Baby, Whoohaa (CD Album)

2004 I Never Heard Her Sing (7")

2004 Trans Pony (CD Album)

2005 Pigbone 3000 (MP3 Album/Tape)

2005 Split CD EP /w Rob And The Pinhole Stars

2007 Blood Bone / Home Alone 2 (MP3 Album/Tape)

2008 Sing Out! (Split Mini Album)

2008 Quietly Happy And Deep Inside (CD Album)

2008 Quietly Happy And Deep Inside (Remix MP3 Album)

2009 Frogbone Salad (MP3 Album/Tape)

2009 Head Held High On Fearsome Pride (MP3 Album / CD Album)

2009 B.U.R.M.A. (CD/12")

2010 Dackes Drabanter (10")

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