Menace Ruine - The Upper Hand - Video
PUBLISHED:  Nov 16, 2010

Unequalled and unvowed
We'll be safe on our own
We are nor passing from
The latent to the obvious state

Someone must fall
So that others may rise
Someone must be reborn
So that others may die

Distance is growing more and more
As if we are floating in formal
And dying at a slower pace

It's a long and winding path
But trying to escape the animal bites
Would make us prey

Unequalled and never
We'll return to our departed selves

We must bow before the storm
To the inevitable
Or make our Prayers

All was threatening to fall down
Disappearing into folds
Invisible to the naked eye

Better never come to blows
But sow the seed and let it grow
Until you get the upper hand

Blacker than the blackest black
The burning source of life
Is in the depths, not in the sky

Better answer the call
That comes out of the mud
And hope to get
The upper hand
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