Jah Jah

Brooklyn, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rap / Hip Hop / Reggae
jahmoshjams a.s.c.a.p
Jah Jah is one of the illest female emcees in hop hop.You may not have seen Jah You may not have seen Jah Jah lately, but that’s because shes been laying low, dropping knowledge like a pro, never side tracked and definitely not backpacked, Shes coming hard with the Political Rap over electronic beats produced by Germany’s Quickmix. Jah Jah continues to bring you international bangers, flipping flows and penetrating melodies that resonate. The combination of Quickmixs stylistic versatility with European and Jah Jah’s catchy hooks and Jah Jahs lyrical skills this next level industry secret is about be unleashed.

“Intelligence Report’ is Jah Jah’s official 4th release, an EP with 3 teaser tracks. Totally scripted and encrypted by Jah Jah lyrically proves that she is not just a dumb blonde or another pretty face, but a quadra-plex threat dropping mad clotz.“Turn in Your Weapons” has a military theme but goes beyond the cliché. “ Radioactive”, the second single is futuristic loaded with truth about the government ,the media and the New World Order.

Totally Brooklyn, from the Pjs to the open mic ,Jah Jah has been on the cutting edge of hip hop for years, internationally and locally grinding. Never reproducing, never swagger jacking, always bringing a unique creative vision with inspiration from real life experiences Jah Jah is one of the most independent eclectic self driven female artists defending freedom of expression while bringing it lyrically packed with content. In 2007 “The Attack “was proof of what determination and a team of trustworthy talent of 2 people can do. Produced entirely by Jah Jah and Quickmix on almost no budget, high quality full powered sounds thick with content of the trials and tribulations of lifes sagas.

First discovered by Chubb Rock in 2002, spitting on the law, chilling in local studios. Jah Jah produced the “The Art of Hip Hop with Emagine music with several ideas in mind. With innovative multicultural sounds from Hawaii, Indian, Classical and old school hip hop, Jah Jah’s first album was ahead of her time, influencing many major artists.In 2003 Jah Jah moved to Brasil to follow an innovative concept of mixing hip hop and samba music. Fortunate to work with the son of samba legend Bezzerra da Silva and Bezzerra himself for a samba set in Rio, Jah Jah created an international buzz.In 2005, "Take a Lick Take A Bite” was released on iTunes, which mixes hip hop with Heavy Metal, Reggae, Samba, Psychedelic Rock and Dirty South.

The newest club bangers are electrifying, political sexy trippy and hardcore. Guaranteed to get your booty moving music or to take you’re a different space, far away from the dull drum machinated formulas on constant repeat. Help Jah Jah fund the next album and get a bag full of goodies including first dips on the digital download. http:://www.sellaband.com/jahjah Check this out today- IM NOT A PUPPET or an Industry Slave! Don’t forget to scope out my super quirky incentives glossing from “a night on the town” with Jah Jah or recording a song with her.

Jah Jah brings it with real life- psychological sagas, unabashed dropping facts twisted with diction giving a whole new meaning to the definition of a typical rapper.

Briefly Jah Jah appeared in a cameo for the VH1 ,The Whiter Rapper Show, during the auditions. Reluctant to be on that corny show, several hit men haunted me to appear. My instinct being right, the show mocked beginner rappers and on the REALITY TIP for real- Mc Serch never held that sign up, it was a studio edit!

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