Martin Horntveth

Oslo, NO
Artist / Band / Musician
Electronica / Progressive / Healing & EasyListening
Smalltown Supersound
Martin Horntveth is a busy young man, not only is he the drummer of Jaga Jazzist, The National Bank and KILLL he is also busy with his own solo project. So far he has released the two EPs ”Fast Motion” and "Skull EP", both hailed by the critics everywhere. In 2002 and 2003 he toured the world extensively, with gigs in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, Brussels, Dresden, Stockholm, London, Roma and Berlin (to name a few). His live shows were jaw dropping; wild, spontaneous and very physical. Horntveth's music mixes electronica (both abstract and melodic), dark electro, punk rock, cut-up, free jazz and even metal and always twisting and turning things in unexpected ways. Dark, elegant and beautiful.

Noplacetohide is one of Martin's favourite metal bands and it is with honour he has contributed with "Witching vocals" on their album, Zukunft. Listen to the song HERE!!!

Check out Martin's other solo project, WOLF WHISTLE.

Or MARTIN HORNTVETH COMPOSER, his recent work for TV, Radio, Film, Theatre and Dance.



"Trond Med Hammer'n" - Barne TV, NRK 2009

"Husdrømmen" - Documentary, NRK 2009

"Himmelblå" - Tv Drama, NRK 2008-2010

"Torsdagkveld Med Steinar Sagen" - Comedy, NRK 2007

"Grosvold" - Jingles, NRK 2007-2009

"Luftens Helter" - Jingles, NRK 2007

"Fabrikken" - Jingles, NRK 2007

"Siv & Knut - En Kjærlighetshistorie" - Documentary, NRK 2006

"Tur-Retur" performed by Jaga Jazzist, Travel Documenary, TVNorge 2000

"Etter Skoletid" performed by Jaga Jazzist, NRK 1999


"Flavaladen" - Radio Theatre, NRK 2009

"Trollspeilet" - Radio Theatre, NRK 2008

"Grøssere" - Web based Radio Theatre, NRK 2008

"Nattmannen" - Radio Theatre, NRK 2007

"Kulturbeitet" - Jingles, NRK 2003

"K-Punkt" - Jingles, NRK 2002


"Violent Sorrow Seems

A Modern Ecstasy No. 2" by Jorunn Myklebust Syversen, 2009

"Det Regner Inn" by Vibeke Ringen, 2008

"En fet film" by Andreas Frölich, 2000


"North Of Ordinary" by Tharan Revfem, Plire Multi Dance 2009

"Arthropod" by Tharan Revfem, Plire Multi Dance 2008

"5 Is The Perfect Number" by Ina Christel Johannessen, Royal Swedish Ballet, 2005

"I Lie, I Speak" by Ina Christel Johannessen, Carte Blanche, 2004


"Werther" with Arne Nøst, Det Norske Teatret 2001-2002

"Someday my prince will come", Det Norske Teatret 2000

"Bøddelen" with Anneli Drecker, Det Norske Teatret 1999

"Sult" with Terje Johannesen, Nationaltheateret 1998-2000


"L'Enfant" - Fannaråken Wind Quintet 2009

"Horten Stomp" with Andreas Mjøs, Horten 150 Year Anniversary 2008

"Juxtapose" with Lars Horntveth, Vestfold Festspillene 2003

"Skull, Lights & Neonsigns" - Opening of the Oseberg Kulturhus, 2002

"Opening Show" - Vestfold Festspillene 1997


"Barnevognsmafiaen", Chess 2009

THE NATIONAL BANK - The National Bank, 2004

"I Hear The Sparrow Sing"


"A Recorder In Red Plastic"

"Blue As We Like It"

"What Is Left"


"Day" - The Stix, 2002

"Cinematic" - A Livingroom Hush, 2001

"Seems To Me" - Magazine EP, 1998


"Tiger" - Bim & Bianca - Appletalk, Positive Creep, 2009

"Miss You Like Crazy" - Briskeby - Universal Music, 2005

"Bloody Comeback" - Beyond Dawn - We're Down with Species of Any Kind, Duplicate Records, 2005

"Hasta Luego Manchego" - Ost & Kjex - Eaten Back To Life EP, Planet Noise, 2004

"Der Alte" - Ulver - 1993–2003: 1st Decade in the Machines, 2003

"Sole" - NoPlaceToHide - Martin Horntveth, Skull EP, Smalltown Supersound, 2003

"Day" - Jaga jazzist - Day, Days 12”, Smalltown Supersound, 2002

"Bratislava" - Real Ones - Bratislava EP, New Records, 2002

"Lithuania" - Jaga Jazzist - Going Down 12", Smalltown Supersound, 2001

"Det Eneste Jeg Vet Er At Det Var Et Horn Engang" - Spunk - Filtered Through Friends, Rune Grammofon, 2001
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