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ABOUT: When you're born with a's really hard to deny it. It's actually easier to jus be who & what you are.and that's exactly what im doin. INFLUENCES: Im a Lover of music! All "music" isn't bad, even though "all" of it doesn't edify God.ok, now that "that" is out of the way. I dont have many saved Musical influences. But Tye is beast, and his relentless outgoingness propels me beyond belief!!! Bilal!!! Bilal!!!Bilal!!! He's everything to me!!! How he feels is excactly what comes out of his mouth! He has the ability to snatch you into his world with his intro, and by the time the hook drops you're a slave to whatever he demands! That's where I learned to set the atmosphere! The Holy Ghost requires a certain atmosphere to move freely, and it's all on how you present urself that will determine if u will be recieved spiritually, lyrically, musically, or recieved at all. That's why I have to be 100% transparent! people love honesty, and if we can relate.we can experience this thing together, ya kno?!?! The Boldness of the Apostles, the faith of the prophets, and the undeniable truth of the Word of God, fuels me lyrically, and it's what keeps me going. Frank Sinatra, Sam Cooke, 40's music, Big Band arrangements, and Pixar Film scores, inspire my versitility, and keeps my mind open to the endless potential of what we call "music". SOUNDS LIKE: I was hoping ya'll would tell me. I kno the sound is new though, im not dumb. It's jus a pretty good blend of all the things i like. yea.i like that.pretty good descriptionplain and simple. LABEL SWMG/DMG/Universal Christian Music Group
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