Lisa McClendon

Artist / Band / Musician
Soul / Nu-Jazz
BluSoul Entertainment
Vocalist and songwriter Lisa McClendon brings a mix of jazz, soul, and funk and a certain urban neo-soul sensibility to her sound. She has drawn comparisons to artists like Norah Jones and Lauryn Hill.

-Legacy recording

With 3 projects under her belt, Lisa McClendon’s name has become synonymous with soulful music and cutting edge, heart penetrating lyrics. Now, this Stellar and Dove award nominee has returned with the 4th installation in her musical legacy, REALITY (BluSoul Entertainment).

Defined as “The state of being true,” REALITY is just what Lisa McClendon is focusing on as the CD goes in and out of songs that reflect the day to day lives of listeners. “There are a lot of things I have to own up to today because of decisions that I made yesterday,” McClendon states. “So, I really wanted to create an album that talks about things that we deal with on a regular basis and shine that flashlight called ‘reality’ on it.” And that she did as songs touch on subjects ranging from learning from those decisions made to being overwhelmed by responsibilities of life.

Having written and co-produced the majority of the CD, REALITY captures the essence of who Lisa McClendon truly is personally and musically. “I have grown a lot…I have more experience with life. REALITY is me unfiltered. Anyone can buy this album and be connected…it leaves no one out.

In her desire to reach the total man, McClendon penned songs such as “Let Go” which provide therapeutic melodies for those who feel overwhelmed with the cares of life and encourages them to 'let it all go', while the song “Make Over” puts a spin on what is often seen on TV and suggests, instead, an inward make over. “I envisioned those makeover shows when I was writing the song. They bring in the hair and clothes experts and they go into all of the details about [what they did] but no one ever touches the person’s soul. They are going to leave there beautiful but they are still messed up on the inside.” Hit song “Pause” has already received great reviews, as it reminds us all to slow down from this busy life to simply, 'put the world on pause.'

Already being dubbed as Lisa McClendon’s best work to date, she is moving forward with a new look, new self-owned label, momentum and vision. “I want to be able to look back 10 years from now and see the music I did 10 years prior still affecting people.” McClendon has teamed up with Grammy nominated, super producer Herb “Big Herb” Middleton (Mary J. Blige, Usher, SWV) to help bring that vision to pass. “This time around I can really do what I believe I am gifted to do and that's be myself, who God

created me to be. That's reality.”

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