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Band KBO! is formed in January 1982. in Kragujevac high school , at the pause between the classes. The founders had 17 years old each, and all of them were in the same class (Aca, Misha, Rajko and Vuja). The cause of forming the band was a previous night gig, which they attended, where local rock bands played. Being revolted by catastrophic retardiness of the performers at the gig, above mentioned blokes decided to form a band which will upset their city Kragujevac. month after that they did it at their first live performance in the House of youth. It was one of the many festivals where many bands played, with a difference: very first time in the history of the local rock music, played one PUNK band. When they get on the stage, the audience (consisted mainly of the hippies and "agricultural" heavy metallers) at first moment were voiceless, then the audience started to throw various objects at the band. The music was almost overpowered by whistles and four letters words, but KBO! yet succeed to finish their first performance, backing ugly words to the audience, between the songs. From that time, KBO! in spite of circumstances, played at the every festival in Kragujevac, in the line - up: Misha - vocal; Aca - rhythm guitar; Vuja - solo guitar and Rajko - drums; until they joined ( compulsory ) army service 1984.
By the way, the name KBO! is not abbreviation, but the frogs onomatopoeia ( from the cartoon).
By that time, the suburbian place Male Pcelice (Little Bees) became a famous place in all former YU, because it was not only the pratising center, but gathering center for fans and musicians, all over the state. In thet time, KBO! appeared with its songs on two international compilation tapes from U.K.: "LIBERATE" and "INTERNATIONAL BRIGADE" with well known bands like CHUMBAWAMBA, DETONATORS, TERVEET KADET, PANDEMONIUM, C.C.M., etc.
After finished army service KBO! paused 15 months, change occured in the line - up: Vuja - vocal and solo guitar; Aca - rhythm guitar; Boban - drums; which stayed same to nowdays. As obvious, without a bass guitar, which is well known for their music. Boban is Vuja's brother, who grew up on the old style R'N'R. Then things started to happened like an avalanche: first they made their own produced official album - tape "TAMA" ("DARK") in the year of 1986. Album gained the big response of the all fans of such sound, across whole YU, and some songs became hits at the numerous radio stations. Soon after, calls for gigs outside the Kragujevac came Next year, new tape came out, this time with their pals from Novi Becej, witah band INCEST, they made split tape: one side of the tape was INCEST's "Retreat or be vivid"; other side was KBO!'s "New covers of the old stuffs" - songs previous material, these was recorded at the improvised home studio "CESNJAK" ("GARLIC"), which later will become legendary.
After that, many concerts happened across whole YU. Craziness became bigger, with new albums each year ("!OBK", "Live in Budapest", "Moja Sloboda"("My Freedom")) and with many concerts over the borders (Hungary, Austria, Greece), they played with many well known bands such as GORILLA BISCUITS, EMILS. In Belgrade they met greek student Makis (Christos Christostomidis) who liked their music so much that he decided to help the band to realize LP record, what was their old dream. Finally, 1989. apeared first LP named "FOREVER PUNK" for "Wipe out records from Piraeus (Greece), which contained all the best songs from beginning until then, this time recorded in studio "OLIVER"(in Belgrade, in that time it was the best recording studio). Next year came out second LP "Pozovi 93" ("Call 93")("93"is phone number od Fire brigade in YU) recorded in "MATRIX" studio (in Novi Sad), which apeared Today" label, owned by Vojislav Zugic, who sold out all copies in a 9 months. In meantime, KBO! toured Belgium and Holland (june/july1991) where they played, at some gigs, together with BABES IN TOYLAND, POLITICAL ASYLUM. While they toured, in YU started big political crisis and "war" in Slovenia, so their equipment stayed acaptured in the club "France Presern" in Ljubljana, and "liberated"not earlier than 12 months later. In spite the war, KBO! was not in apathy, after their 100. (hundredth concert's lubilee) in Kragujevac (recorded on video) they played all over the Serbia, and from Banja Luka and Sarajevo (Bosnia) they escaped over the barricades which predicted new front-line. In beginning of 199. they played 2 gigs in 2 days, in Skopje (Macedonia).
Soon after that, from France came news: "ONCRA records" (Toulouse) edited KBO!'s new project "ZA JEDAN KORAK"in CD form, and it was first punk/hc CD in our country.
Early in 1993. KBO! "broke" the borderline between Serbia and Slovenia, successfully played in Ilirska Bistrica and in Koper.
Because of catastrophic economic situation in the country, they haven't edited new albums, but they were active at live performances, and almost every year from then, they were played in Slovenia and in Macedonia. In these dark years, they had an anti-war song on the international CD edited in Holland "The dignity od human being is vulnerable" where many well known bands such as M.D.C., NO MEANS NO, Mr. T. EXPERIENCE.
In spite of big corruption in music industry, generally, in Serbia, 1997. they manage to edit new CD " Svetlo Ludila" ("The Light of Insanity") after 2 years of working in studio ("CESNJAK"studio). With many concerts, but not often as before, they succed to sold many copies od their CD, in spite of media's blockade against them, so many bands which payed large sums of money for advertisements, can only envy KBO!
At least once per year band is playing in Slovenia several gigs Same is for Bosnia (Banjaluka). First time ever, KBO! played in Montenegro (Niksic), and it was very succesful! Band started the recordings of new album with covers of domestic and foreign well known bands, which was old wish of all members in bend. The title of album "NE MENJAJTE STANICU" ("STAY TUNED ON YOUR RADIO STATION"), - "KBO! records"-2001. Same year KBO! participated with two songs for one very interesting compilaton with local bands from the same city "KNOW YOUR RIGHTS" - NGO MILLENNIUM of mr. Vlada Paunovich. The song "Zgubidan" ("Idler") was very succesful in wider music circles. At the end of 2001. KBO! hold mini tour in Slovenia and in the summer of 2002. KBO! played at big rock festival "ROCK OTOCEC" in Novo Mesto (SLO). Right after that band played again in Montenegro (Niksic), and Bosnia (Vlasenice). Same year KBO! started with recordings of new album which is finished at the very end of the year, titled "DRUGARSKA. STVAR" (FRIENDSHIP. STUFF").
After all, KBO! stayed devoted to own ideas, and is the only one band in todays, and in former YU aswell, which is totally independent and out of every political engagement. Still more, for all these years they are the oldest and most active punk/hc band in Serbia.
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