King Uszniewicz - Wild Little Willie - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 29, 2008
King Uszniewicz (pronounced 'You-Sneb-Bitch') & The Uszniewicztones: lame, out-of-tune vocals (delivered with 3rd-rate Elvis imitator enthusiasm by tenor saxophonist/bandleader Ernie 'King' Uszniewicz, occasionally 'helped' by lead guitarist 'Logjam Lurch' Patterson, who was only worse), horrid two and three note sax & guitar solos, flagrant disregard for tempo or even remotely keeping their instruments in tune, with every song in their repertoire being played in the same monotonous key of E natural. Either these guys were drunk, stoned, both & just didn't care or they were just 'having a bad night' or - could it be?- THEY REALLY SOUNDED LIKE THIS!!
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