Johnny Scar - United Africa / Dub It In Africa - (Solomonic / Dub Store Records - DSR-NL12-003) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 21, 2013
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Excerpt from Johnny Scar -- United Africa / Dub It In Africa- (Solomonic / Dub Store Records - DSR-NL12-003)
Format: 12" vinyl
A Side) Johnny Scar -- United Africa / B Side) Dub It In Africa
Originally released on Solomonic Production in 1986. Re-issued by Dub Store Records in January 2012.

Part of the "Solomonic Production presents the Bunny Wailer" reissue series by Dub Store Records.
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Bunny Wailer, respectfully called "The Blackheart Man", produced Johnny Scar's one-off recording 'United Africa'. The mystic singer wrote this heavy roots song and sang with his unique chant like a voice of the roots reggae icon, Burning Spear. And the song appeared as a 12"on the Solomonic Production imprint in 1986.

Supposedly, the recording was done during 1984 but considering standard of the Jamaican music of the time, it was far different from mainstream music. Without a doubt, you would rarely encounter a noncommercial song like this 'United Africa' ever.

While Jamaica's music industry was shifting toward commercialism like the rest of the world in the 80's, as a matter of course, the concept of musicianship was rapidly changing. However, regardless of its recorded year, musical performance and singing style, the 'United Africa' kept its originality and the tradition of roots reggae music in an imperial manner. This is the greatest roots reggae classic of all time and another masterpiece produced and released by Bunny Wailer.

To let people know the dignity of the Solomonic Production, British sound system operator Jah Shaka occasionally played the tune in 1986.

Now Dub Store Records proudly add another essential reissue of the 12" 'United Africa/Dub In Africa' to our Solomonic Selection releases. Play it along with our previously released 12" 'Rise & Shine' and other titles.

Lastly, despite of Johnny Scar having always been regarded as a mystic roots singer, Bunny Wailer revealed that he was a younger brother of Dennis "Leppo" Lobban who shot and killed Peter Tosh. Allegedly, he died shortly after the "United Africa" was released. Bunny Wailer recalls this is a mighty, wise and appealing song.


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