[ENG] Bii - My Love For You Won't Change (Someone Like You OST) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 06, 2015
Here's my first proper song upload of the year. And I'm hoping to put something up consistently, maybe every other week or something? (Well, let's just say that's the plan for now.) Still working on the formatting, because I don't really like the way this looks now. But at the moment, I'm planning on staying away from using MVs because sometimes they're dumb (or unfitting). And sometimes they get caught in content filters, which ends up being a pain for me :I

Title: My Love For You Won't Change
(我愛妳不會改變 wo ai ni bu hui gai bian)
Artist: Bii (畢書盡)
Drama: Someone Like You (聽見幸福)
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