Matthew Santos - Seven Years (Audiotree Session) - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 04, 2015
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Emma Dayhuff (upright bass), Jon Deitemyer (drums)

Matthew Santos performs "Seven Years" on Audiotree Live.

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Matthew Santos

Seven Years (version #3)

Late one night / I awoke in a dream / found myself in a fight / and he was stronger than me.
Could of sworn it was real / taste of blood in my mouth / every blow I could feel / he was an unstoppable force / a storm of violent discourse.

Late one night / I awoke in a hospital / bed with my head / held heavy and hazy.
Was I going crazy? / How long have been under? / The date on the paper… / seven years of deep slumber...

Asleep for seven years,
Asleep for seven years.

"It's nice to see you again…" she said, / "thought you'd never wake up… / I moved on with my life…this is my husband Jacob…
…and these my two two children, / eldest named Matthew… / I'm so sorry love, but I hope you understand…I hope you understand."

Asleep for seven years,
Asleep for seven years.

Early one morning / I woke up in a cold sweat / with time like a vulture circling round above my head.
All the days I've been wasting / unfocused and lazy / how I take it for granted / time is an unstoppable force / (all things must run their course).

Asleep for seven years,
Asleep for seven years.

And I couldn't shake the feeling / of an underlying message / that came to me through this tragedy turned miracle awakening.
Tables keep turning / we're gone before you know it / let your love be your beacon / live and breathe it / work to grow it.

And it all works out / just not like you thought it would.


“Seven Years” is probably one of my favorite tunes on this record, as it’s the one that has undergone the most growth and change since its conception. This was a song that was based on a rare occurrence of a lucid dream, wherein I was confronted with an unbeatable enemy of sorts, and I chose the fight over the flight. I remember being violently beaten, and then waking up in a hospital bed while being nursed back to health. It wasn’t until someone had told me that I had been in a coma for seven years that the gravity of the (dream) situation hit me; like I had lost a major piece of my life and youth and was conscious of the full weight of this loss as if it were real.

The subsequent emotional qualities were in fact, very real. When I woke up (in reality) I immediately starting writing about the dream in detail, and naturally in a song format. There was so much to cover, so many things to capture from the fading vision of this experience, that I was frantically typing everything I could recall.
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