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BIO of Dillon "Iyah Lazer'Hines,

Christened,Dillon Alton Hines,Reggae Recording Artist,Iyah Lazer,was born in one of Montego Bat inner Vity communnities in the mid 1970's

His father Russel and mother Jasmine Murry were both devoted lovers of reggae Music thus he was exposed to the music at an early age

At a tender age due to the fact that both parents immigrated to the Uniited State,Iyah Lazer left montego bay's inner city and when to live with his grantparents in the farming district of Roehampton located in the rural climbs of the parish of St James for a number of years,He was away from the music though his love for it never faded

During his five years attendance at anchovy Secondary (now High),Iyah Lazer's keen interest in reggae music and entertianment caught the attention school mates,and friends;who all encouraged him to pursue the bussiness more aggressively,

However ,it was not until 1993,whilts at home with relatives,and commemorating the death of his grandfather,who died on a sad day in febuary (15th) three years prior; that iyah lazer develope true motivation to follow his dreams,It was the tragic news that his mother had passed away (feb 15th).His entire life change after that,and music became his solace,He began writing his own ltrics and rhymes,and eventually became a popular young dancseall act,within Montego Bay's enclaves.

However in 1997,shortly after the birth of his son iyah lazer decided to switch from raw Danceall to a more Cultural side of the music.

Over the years,Iyah Lazer has share the same stage artist such as King Yellowman, Beenie Man, Beres, Lady Saw,Bounty Killa,Singing Melody,Anthony B,Tanya Stevens,Rishie Stevens, amongst others,

In 2006 he release his first album entitled "State of Emergency"some of the more memorable tracks from the album include the single Blood in the Street; a callaboration with yugo Bandooloo;as well as Oh Mama a single the express iyah lazer sorrow and regret over the early passing of his mother,and the very popular single Foxx Under Loxx.

He has performe or appeared on several shows snd programme;to include Smile Jamaica and Teen Scene on Television Jamaica,On Stage"on CVM-TV (jamaica) Reggae Trail TV,"Jamaica) the fame road show,unity in the hills,western linkup,but to date 2 of his most memorable performance came in 2007 at the Reggae Sumfest 15th Anniversary Party held at club inferno in montego bay,where his perfamance was breathtaking,and in Spanish Town St Catherine at a comunity event where he was commendend for a great performance by reggae king yollow man and the Postor and Deacon of the comunity church,

Iyha Lazer interview with TV Host Suzie Q,on the programme ,"Reggae Top Ten - Artist Spotlight",procliam that he gets his strenght from God, regular day to day life and people and from the works of Reggae Great such as Peter Tosh,Bob Marley,Denis Brown,Garnet Silk and draws even more insperation from watching people like Beres,Jah Mason,Tarus Riley,Eddie Fitzroy,Lero Gibbon Performed Live.

AT present Iyah Lazer is in studio working on a sophomore Album and a remake of State of Emergency,which is exppected to bring bigger and better things,

Iyah Lazer is greatfull to everyone in his life,both present and past who has contribute positivly to is life and carreer,father Russel,son Jamario,Lance Rose,Jermaine Gordon and many other, I give thanks for all the love and support,


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