Invictus Productions

Dirty old town, Dublin, IE
Media Production / Recording / Mixing
Metal / Death Metal / Black Metal
Invictus Productions
Invictus Productions is a Metal record label & distributor based in Dublin, Ireland and was conceptualised & created in February 1999 with the original intention of releasing a CD of demo material by

Irish Death Metal band MORPHOSIS. As 99 ended, work had commenced on the SLAUGHTER LORD compilation CD 'Thrash till Death 86-87' which was released in January 2000. In mid 2000, Invictus released the

SOLSTICE 'Halcyon' album digipack CD and picture LP. The picture LP and CD are long sold out and quite sought after.

Invictus took a hiatus in release schedule due to lack of operation, co-operation and communication with external parties until March 2002 with the release of the VOMITOR 'Neutron Hammer' 7". 2002 was

to be the re-birth of Invictus as the release of the GOSPEL OF THE HORNS 'A Call to Arms' CD demonstrated. In May 2003, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS successfully toured Europe for the second time and the release

of the 'A Call to Arms' LP and ALLFATHER 's/t' 10" gave rise to the war march Invictus Productions. Mid 2004 saw the release of the URGRUND 'Battle Skin' limited edition 7" and January 2005 gave birth

to ALLFATHER 'Weapon of Ascension' CD and KILL 'Horned Holocaust' CD.

Following on from this, Invictus released ALLFATHER's debut album on vinyl, a 10" release from Irish Black Metal band SOL AXIS & the vinyl edition (in co-operation with Ajna from the US) of the SIGRBLOT

'Blodsband' masterpiece in 2005. The debut album from elite English Death Metal band SPEARHEAD along with the ambient, atmospheric, occult Metal album 'In Dusk Apparition' from VULPECULA (ARES KINGDOM &

ex ORDER FROM CHAOS mastermind Chuck Keller) were released in 2006 followed by GOSPEL OF THE HORNS second album 'Realm of the Damned' in early 2007. The follow up to SPEARHEAD's debut, 'Decrowning the

Irenarch', sees 2007 end in triumph & victory!

Advancing into the decade, Invictus will unleash the debut full length album from New Zealand pioneers of brutal, violent, War Metal, DIOCLETIAN & the debut album from current ANGELCORPSE guitarist,

Gene Palubicki, new band, APOCALYPSE COMMAND.

Invictus specialises primarily in Black and Death Metal though the label is not necessarily confined within these genres, as can be seen with the SLAUGHTER LORD and SOLSTICE albums (though these were

the "exceptions to the rule" by and large). Invictus is an underground Metal label releasing underground music for underground maniacs, heathens, heretics and headbangers. Conceptually Invictus

represents the Nietszchean "will to power" philosophy encouraged by the natural "creation through destruction/order from chaos" theories. As Black and Death Metal are inherently destructive musical

forces, Invictus strives to use these forces to encourage an overall re-evaluation of the human mission and condition and the regeneration of either the individual or collective will to strive for

change amid chaos. Concept and reality are two very separate things however.

Invictus has also promoted many underground shows in Ireland going back to late 90s with bands such as PRIMORDIAL, DESTROYER 666, GOSPEL OF THE HORNS, REVENGE, ANCIENT RITES, MORRIGAN, RAZOR OF OCCAM,


Activate! Dominate! Obliterate! Crush! We surrender to none! Vae Victis!


Apocalypse Command


Gospel of the Horns


Sanguis Imperem

Slaughter Lord



Tyrants Blood


Allfather - Weapon of Ascension CD

Allfather - Weapon of Ascension gatefold LP

Allfather - s/t 10"


Diocletian - Demo 1 tape 2005

Diocletian - Doomcult CD

Gospel of the Horns - A Call to Arms

Gospel of the Horns - Realm of the Damned CD

Kill - Horned Holocaust

SIGRBLOT - Blodsband: Blood Religion Manifest gatefold DLP w/patch (last copies available)

SLAUGHTER LORD - Thrash Till Death CD/LP

SOL AXIS - To Mark the Ages gatefold 10" (last copies available)

SOLSTICE - Halcyon CD & Picture LP


SPEARHEAD - Deathless Steel Command


Spearhead - Decrowning the Irenarch CD

Tyrants Blood - Prophecy MCD

URGRUND - Battle Skin 7" (limited 500)


VOMITOR - Neutron Hammer 7" (limited 500 copies)


Vulpecula - In Dusk Apparition
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