Information Superhighway

CHICAGO, Illinois, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Melodramatic Popular Song / Indie / Progressive
Since their debut in early 2005, Information Superhighway has been a fixture on the Chicago music scene. With singer Leslie Beukelman and composer/multi-instrumentalist Rob Clearfield at the helm, the Superhighway easily transcends the confines of genre and tradition. Alongside bassist Patrick Mulcahy and drummer John Smillie, Clearfield and Beukelman draw on such diverse influences as '70's prog rock, jazz, gospel, Icelandic ambient-pop, Americana and the best of today's underground rock, creating a sonic world that is uniquely their own. Catchy yet sophisticated, hard hitting but sensitive, Information Superhighway forges ahead into uncharted territory.After many months in the studio, Information Superhighway released their debut record First Morning in 2006. The album brings together seven of Clearfield's compositions, ranging from catchy pop to jazz improvisation to mind-blowing modern rock. Both intimate and intense, First Morning has been met with rave reviews.In early 2009, the band began working with producer/engineer Anthony Gravino, who helped bring the band to a new standard of orchestration and sonic clarity, resulting in the release of two brand new songs: "Soft and Not Knowing" and "Your Voice - Part II." Bolstering the release of these songs, the Superhighway filmed their first music video, produced and directed by Jason Shah. Thanks to Jason’s vision, the video of “Soft and Not Knowing” has everyone talking. See for yourself: Superhighway was also a featured artist on Chicago Public Radio’s “848” in the spring of 2009. In the third edition of their “Undercover” series, which documents the creative process bands go through interpreting other people’s music, the Superhighway was approached about covering the music of Stevie Wonder. The band’s rock-driven rendering of Stevie’s “Lookin’ For Another Pure Love” was featured in the pilot episode of the series. You can listen to the full interview and performance here: 2009 saw a big transition for Information Superhighway, as original drummer John Smillie stepped down. With mixed emotions, the band saw hit to document its live, improvisational side, which was to be less featured on the upcoming studio album. The intimate live performance “7/31/09” was recorded by Caleb Willitz and mixed and mastered by Anthony Gravino. It's now available for free steaming and download here: The best is yet to come. Information Superhighway has just released their next full-length album, “This is Not the Ending.” Continuing their collaboration with Anthony Gravino, the band’s sound has reached a new level of cohesion. Check it out. Maybe you’ll like it.
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