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ill – not meeting an accepted standard; not normal or sound

poetic (po•et•ic) – written in verse; having or expressing the qualities of poetry (as though aesthetic or emotional impact)

Ill Poetic – a hip-hop artist who started in a group named after the very word he defies

Soul – it’s not the first word that comes to mind for many people when they hear the word “rapper.” In the case of the artist born Tim Gmeiner, it’s the only word that fits.

Originally from Dayton, Ohio and now residing in his adopted hometown of Cincinnati, Ill Poetic got his start as one-half of the group Definition with his partner in rhyme Zone (That Dude). Toiling hard in the Midwest’s underground ranks, Ill Poetic is coming into his own as both on the mic and the boards with a growth and maturity that rivals that of hip-hop legends and the heartfelt soul of Stax and Motown classics past.

Building upon his previous solo LPs (his underground classic debut Illumination and its critically-acclaimed follow-up The World is Ours), Ill Poetic looks to break out in a big way in 2008 … But he’s not ego-tripping; he is simply confident.

“The only thing I can bring to the table is my sound and perspective. It used to get to me that my s--- didn’t sound like the usual s---, just because sometimes it’s tiring to get this outcast label put on your music, or you. But as soon as I really embraced the differences, I got really comfortable in who I was and where my sound could travel,” he says. “I kinda recognized that when you can hit someone in the soul with music or words, all the other shit is obsolete, and since we all go through similar shit, I just tried to personalize it, but make it relatable to the ‘average person.’”

And the first person he looks at when it comes to creating such music is himself.

“I never really thought of my music as thoughtful,” he says. “I think what I produce or write is usually an extension of me. I usually just try and let my personality bleed into a song, because that’s what instantly separates it from anyone else’s music.”

Ill Poetic’s drive to create such music has earned him production credits for several artists such as Wordsworth (of EMC and Lyricist Lounge fame) and Blueprint (of underground indie favorites Soul Position). His talents have not gone unnoticed by his peers, either – a fact evident in the favorable writeups and reviews he’s received in publications such as Vibe and XLR8R and Web sites such and the esteemed

Now looking to build off the momentum he gained after completion of two U.S. tours with underground favorites Illogic and Dangerzone in addition to a 2007 European tour with O.C., Pharoahe Monche, Necro, Reef Tha Lost Cauze and Eternia, Ill Poetic is poised to make his mark on the music world in 2008 in several ways.

Up first is a new Definition EP (which the duo plans to release as online as a free download, joining the growing ranks of artists giving back to their fans. This will be followed by a collaborative album with fellow Ohio-based hitmaker J. Rawls, a live CD/DVD of his backing band QueenCity SoulRock and Illogic’s latest album Diabolical Fun, entirely produced by Ill Poetic himself.

And in an attempt to make his voice known, Ill Poetic hopes to give voice to people who need the most.

“Every memorable artist speaks for a group of people who don’t really have a proper voice, but need it; I feel like I speak for the person who has to work a 9-5, hop the bus to work and try and catch a ride home,” he says. “The group of college kids/weedheads/high school kids/factory workers/street cats/parents that sit in the house with their friends bulls---tin’ around smoking and watching Anchorman….and mainly I would like to speak for people that actually give a shit about the things and people around them … Not all super-politically-socially aware and s---, but just cats that care.”

(written by Tabari McCoy)


ill poetic’s music has received press in such places as VIBE magazine,,,, XLR8R magazine, and much, much more.


Nominated for 1 Cincinnati Entertainment Award in 2005: male hip-hop artist

Nominated for 2 Ohio hip-hop awards in 2007: male hip-hop artist, album of the year

Nominated for 2 Cincinnati Entertinament awards in 2007: hip-hop artist, album of the year

Nominated for 1 Cincinnati Entertainment award in 2008: hip-hop artist

Nominated for 1 Ohio hip-hop award in 2009: best producer

Tours/Notable shows:

15 city national tour – Spring 2007

15 city Midwest tour – Fall 2007

10 city Midwest tour – Spring 2009

10 city Midwest tour - Spring 2010

3 Week Europe tour alongside OC, Pharoahe Monche, Necro, and more.

Ill poetic has performed at various events, such as multiple appearances at Scribble Jam, Midpoint Music Festival, ASA Skate Park Convention Tour.

He’s shared the stage or opened for such notable acts as Talib Kweli, Chuck D, Killer Mike (Dungeon Family), Blueprint (soul position/rhymesayers), Little Brother, and Tanya Morgan.

Plans for 2010:

Following the Freshly released Aloe Park record with Kansas City emcee Approach (fully produced by Ill Poetic), Ill Po will be re-releasing his 2007 national debut "The World is Ours". Alongside this release will come "The World is Illuminated", a project filled with exclusive remixes and unreleased songs, hosted by legendary DJ/Producer J. Rawls (Black Star/Lone Catalysts). All This is in preperation of Ill Poetic's follow-up LP, set for a 2011 release.

Finally, be on the look out for ill poetic’s production to be featured underneath Slum Village, Aesop Rock, Slug (Atmosphere), Tanya Morgan, Blitz the Ambassador, Wordsworth (lyricist lounge), Naledge (Kidz in the Hall) and more, as well as some interesting features from some of hip-hop's most notable emcees.

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Diabolical Fun (Aesop Rock in studio) from ill poetic on Vimeo.
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