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As his name suggests, Brooklyn-bred microphone fiend Wordsworth is the epitome of a true Hip-Hop wordsmith. Whether rapping about life on the streets, social issues or just being creative, his lyricism throughout shows that Wordsworth thinks vividly, outside of the box. Wordsworth explains of his style, “In my rhymes, I try to create pictures that illustrate emotions — like an audio art gallery of emotions.”
With a degree in English Language and Literature, Wordsworth has the all the tools to effectively craft that aural masterpiece. As an undergraduate at the State University of New York Old Westbury, Wordsworth distinguished himself by penning all of his papers and writing assignments in lyrical verse. Upon graduating, Wordsworth teamed up with fellow rapper Punchline to form Punch ‘N’ Words, and the duo began making the rounds on the underground Hip-Hop open mic circuit, quickly making a name for themselves.
After commanding the stage at a Lyricist Lounge showcase, event host Q-Tip was so impressed that he tapped Punch ‘N’ Words to spit on “Rock Rock, Y’all,” on A Tribe Called Quest’s gold-certified album The Love Movement. In addition to multitudes of guest spots (including Black Star’s famed “Twice Inna Lifetime”), Punch ‘N’ Words went on to appear in three Lyricist Lounge tours, both compilation albums on Mic Media/Rawkus, and MTV’s groundbreaking sketch comedy rhyme series The Lyricist Lounge Show, which Wordsworth co-created, scripted and starred in. Later he went on received critical acclaim for his solo album Mirror Music.
Over the years, Wordsworth has gained solo notoriety by performing on radio shows (including Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito, and Sway and Tech’s Wake Up Show), frequenting open mic venues, and appearing on popular mix tapes that have circulated worldwide. In addition to rhyming, Wordsworth has parlayed the experience he gained from The Lyricist Lounge Show into a budding career in film and television. He continues to study acting, has written a number of film scripts and television treatments, and was recently featured in the award-winning independent film, Freestyle: The Art of Rhyme.
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