SKripter - iLL feat. Sporadic, Young City Bandit and Amin Prod. by SKripter - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 02, 2012
HQ MP3 Dl'd Link

A Track Showcasing The Circle Members SKripter & YCB, and Solo Artists Sporadic & Amin's Lyrical Prowess and Flow
Produced By SKripter
Mixed and Mastered by SKripter
Recorded in The Circle HeadQuarters

Apologies for the shaky footage, it was me experimenting with my Camera's Camcording Capabilities and it was the closest thing i could grab to release the track asap without no further delays!

Video is Just a collage of Random footage SKripter shot In Hamilton, Canada and Amsterdam, Netherlands, Edited In Adobe Premiere Pro 5.5 (Just because it's better to have motion playing in the background instead of a still Picture) :)
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