Beograd, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hardcore / Punk / Metal
F.U.R. Collective (D.I.Y.)
Hitman is a Hardcorepunk band from the Balkans (Belgrade, Serbia).We started this whole thing in 1994 as a side project along our original Bands (Definte Choice, Wipe Out, Shackle Me Not)back then.In the past 17 years we made the foundation of the Hardcore scene on the Balkans stronger by connecting all the scenes between the countries from the Balkan area, and we made our voice be heard all over the globe!!! We believe that the true spirit of this whole thing we are in is based on the Friendships we make along the way!We also believe in a positive attitude towards every part of our lives!!!
We shared stage with bands like:Murphys Law, Sick Of It All, Strech Arm Strong, Napalm Death,Municipal Waste, Agnostic Front, Madball, Adolescents, Movement, The Business, DRI, Pro-Pain, Max Cavallera, Misfits, Intesinty, Manifestation,Suicidal Tendencies and of course with many of our good friends from the Balkan Hardcore scene!
We have four releses until this day:
(1998)"stories we tell" - Tape
(2000)".and what about the flame we use to feel." - Tape
(2000)"stories we tell about the flame we use to feel" - CD/containing both tapes
(2004)"Balkan hardcore split 2004" - Split CD with Last Hope (Sofia Bulgaria)
All these releases are made by ourselves with the help of some friends off ours!
We also appeared on the following Samplers:
(1996)"Witness of the first Discussion" - CD Sampler of Serbian Hardcore, Metal, Industrial, Grind
(1999)"This is the light" - Serbian Hardcorepunk Sampler - Tape
(2004)"All from the Heart" - CD Serbian Hardcore Sampler
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