Flipside Memphis - Goner Records - Video
PUBLISHED:  May 01, 2009
It started in 1993 as a way for Eric Friedl (aka Oblivian) to put out some singles, and has grown and mutated ever since. Goner Records has been first on the scene with music from such acts as the Oblivians, Impala, Guitar Wolf, Harlan T. Bobo and many others. Its original narrow brand of garage punk has expanded to embrace everything from the fractured theatrical pop of the Barbaras to the Aussie rock of Eddie Current Suppression Ring.

In 2003, Friedl and partner Zac Ives took over Greg Cartwrights (aka Oblivian) Legba Records to create the Goner Record Store, which has become a Cooper-Young institution. 2003 also saw the first Gonerfest, the four-day, fall gathering of the punk and garage faithful from all over the world that, after Gonerfest 2 was immortalized by Live from Memphis, has turned into one of the years most-anticipated music festivals. This year's Gonerfest, to be held from September 24-26, is expected to be the biggest yet. Not bad for a bunch of punks.

special thanks to
Zac Ives
Eric Friedl
additional videography by
C. Scott McCoy
featuring music by
Harlan T. Bobo
Digital Leather
The Barbaras

Flipside Memphis
Produced by Live From Memphis ( http://www.livefrommemphis.com ) and
the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau ( http://www.memphistravel.com )
produced and directed by Sarah Fleming ( http://www.livefrommemphis.com/sarah ) and Christopher Reyes ( http://www.livefrommemphis.com/christopher )
additional videography and editing by Brad Phelan ( http://www.livefrommemphis.com/brad ) and Eric Swartz ( http://www.livefrommemphis.com/eric )
additional location audio by Chad White
production assistance by Shelly Gillette
Animation titles and graphic design by Alex Harrison
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