The Leather Uppers

Toronto, Ontario, Ca
Artist / Band / Musician
Goner Records
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Make no mistake; the Leather Uppers are a rock and roll group. The line-up may consist of two dudes in matching outfits playing just guitar and drums, but dont expect any laid back shuffle-blues here. This is an eruption of high-energy, go-for-the-throat, stadium-worthy, freak-out-and-die fun with more in common with Kiss and the Ramones than any duo you can think of. Add to the mix the fact that Groovy Greg and Classy Craig seamlessly switch instruments during every performance, and youve got a party that just will not stop. Originally formed in 1991, then disbanded in 1994, these crazed Canadians influenced several rock stars such as Eric Oblivian, Danko Jones, as well as members of the Sadies, and the Deadly Snakes. When the Leather Uppers re-formed in 2003 to play a few gigs to support the re-issue of their classic OK, Dont Say Hi album, the reaction was overwhelming. Over the next few years they would start to write new songs, tour and connect with fans old and new who encouraged them to record the new Bright Lights album (Goner, 2006). Being such a big Uppers booster over the years, it was only natural that Eric Oblivian would release the new record on his own Memphis-based label, Goner Records, who were responsible for such landmark releases as Guitar Wolfs first album, Wolf Rock and The King Khan and BBQ Show LP. With bamboozlingly good performances at 2006s South By South West music conference, Goner Fest 2 in Memphis and on New Jerseys highly-influential WFMU radio under their belt, its obvious that the band is not only back in fighting shape, but perhaps even better than they were during their original run. Since its release, Bright Lights with its blend of 60s and 70s punk, rock and garage has earned critical raves, topped the Canadian Campus Charts for months and led to extensive touring in the USA and Canada. As infectious as the rock and roll pneumonia, the Leather Uppers are set to spread their boogie woogie flu all over the planet, and as far as medical science has advanced in modern times, there is still no known cure.
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