Essen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, De
Artist / Band / Musician
Progrsv House / Electro / Techno
Electribe, Sprout, Great Stuff, Superstar, Vapour
Myspace Backgrounds Frank Beckers is not someone who will need introducing to you if you have at all been in the club scene for the last 10 years; his current side project D-nox & Beckers is one of Germanys most highly acclaimed duos for progressive house and probably the hotest sound around at the moment, reaching the playlists of world renowned DJ's like John Digweed, Satoshi Tomiie, Pete Tong and many more big room floor fillers. With 2 albums released under his former artist name of Space Safari, Frank Beckers has also had a huge chain of countless releases on labels like Baroque, Electribe, Vapour and Infusions own label Polaroid, with his major breakthrough coming on Sprout music with the international best seller Switch. His most recent collaboration projects have been with Barcelona's kings of progressive David Amo & Julio Navas and he has also has various vinyl releases as Export Audio, now using the name Hatfield & Beckers for their forthcoming releases. Frank is not only a well established producer, but he is also working as a proffesional DJ for 12 years, playing in over 20 countries, and this year alone he played so far in New York, Tokio, Melbourne, Rio de Janero, Mexico City, Helsinki, Lissbon, Sao Paulo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Budapest. and the list goes on! All this is not at all suprising, when you realise that many years before Frank Beckers started to produce his own music, he had already played in several rock and funk bands and that he'd infact started out his life as a musician in his early childhood days. booking requests: new agency !!!
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