Flin van Hemmen

New York - Amsterdam, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Jazz / Experimental / Acoustic
de WERF, Jazz 'n pulz, DoubleMoon, BAU-records
Hello, my name is Flin van Hemmen, I play the drums mainly, but also strum my guitar, I sing and hum, play the piano and whenever something within tells me I'm on to something, I try to make it into a song. Composing for me is a challenging process that involves beauty, loathing and frustration, satisfaction and fulfillment, and ultimately love, but that's just my answer for everything. /////////////// I grew up in Nijmegen, a town in the east of the Netherlands. After high school was dealt with I decided to move to Amsterdam for it seemed the right place and space to continue and develope expressing myself. I got to like Amsterdam very much and I am very grateful to have met, played and/or recorded with many great musicians such as Michael Moore, Michael Brecker, Harmen Fraanje, Clemens van der Feen, Nelson Veras, Natalio sued, Jesse van Ruller, Franz von Chossy, Peter Bernstein, Dick Oatts, Robin Verheyen and others. However, New York was luring, and so I ventured on to Harlem, bought a set of drums and a guitar and am now starting to feel at home. Currently I play, compose, co-lead "Narcissus" "LathanFlin&Ali" "Highlife", am part of Harmen Fraanje's Trio, Gideon van Gelder's Sextet, read books, hang out, meet people and am sercetly preparing my overseas debut as a singer/songwriter. Hope to see you out there!
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