Hadrien Feraud - Bass Improvisation Masterclass 2 - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 11, 2016
Full Video at

Description: In this follow-up bass masterclass video, bass virtuoso Hadrien Feraud breaks down his approach to improvisation. Hadrien and super-talented keyboardist Eddie Brown (Stevie Wonder, etc.) discuss and demonstrate playing through changes, interacting as a team, listening and more. If you’re a fan of Hadrien and want to know how he approaches improvisation, this bass lesson is for you.

NOTE: There is a PDF bundled with the download version of this video (not the $9.99 streaming version) which includes the on-screen charts/notation seen in the video. It does not include Hadrien’s transcribed solos.

Topics Covered: Bass, soloing through changes, scales & modes, chords, jazz, improvisation, learning harmony on the instrument, listening, teamwork, stage volume, sounding like a band, “The Way”, “Funky Fusion Church”, phrasing freely, time, etc.

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