Fe Fi Fo Fums

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Boom Boom of Renton, Rob's House
YEAH!!!! The FE FI FO FUMS FINALLY finished recording their Summer Time EP, so buy it here!

RECORDED AT THE BOOM BOOM CASTLE IN DYNAMIC STEREO SOUND!!! HUH?????????? Hot offa the presses at UNITED the FE FI FO FUMS shall ZZAP AMAZE AND ZOCKO ASTOUND you in the privacy of your own cave on this, their latest masterpiece of MODERN MORONITY!!! This record is history in the MAKING!! This record is not only for IN THE SUMMERTIME, NAY! It is for ALL the SEASONS!!!DON'T BITE ME BABY I GOT THE BOOM BOOM IN MY BLOOD!! Don't make no sense now and it NEVER WILL!!! DO YOU GOT THE BOOM BOOM IN YOUR BLOOD?! Better call up the doctor…QUICK!!! I CANT HELP MYSELF!!! And SHE wont be able to neither, once she hears the sappy refrains of this WHIMPER- MAKING POWER BALLAD!! I JUST WANNA HAVE SOME FUN! And WE just wanna spend you MONEY! So be sure and buy lotsa copies to throw in the camp fire!!! Not only do they SOUND good! They BURN GOOD TOO!!!


Foreign Orders


GUESS WHAT GOOF?? The songs you hear up above are now FOR SALE on the BOOM BOOM of RENTON website!!!! Yeah thats right!! Dont sit here free loading their fuckin songs! BUY THEM on dark black vinyl, the kind your parents wear around the house, ok?! This is a band from WEST SEATTLE, WASHINGTON and I am here to tell you a bit bout them.

Ok, now, the only reason this band even started was cause another band on the BOOM BOOM of RENTON roster was unable to play a show, so I, DANIEL J. FERDUCCI, the P.T. BARNUM of ROCK & ROLL, a week before said performance, was obliged to form the FE FI FO FUMS for the sole purpose of playing ONE SHOW! However, once the staff songwriters set upon me with the two songs appearing on their single, I was fucking FLABBERGASTED, and I KNEW these tunes needed to be set to wax! ELECTROFIZE ME and WILD ONE, have since flooded the airwaves in towns like SAN FRANCISCO and SACRAMENTO, charting respectively in the top ten two weeks in a row! As well as garnering numerous accolades from the record buying public and critics alike, the FE FI FO FUMS have since turned out to be the most profitable artists on the BOOM BOOM of RENTON roster, pushing out IAN & the BARNETTS for popularity among listeners. As if that werent enough, they have since received recording offers from such labels as DOT, VARMINT RECORDS and SHUR-FINE, and have appeared in such groovy literary publications as TIGER BEAT, YOUNG AND MODERN and RED BLOODED, HOT MEATY STUDS (in the latter periodical, the FUMS actually graced the cover, clad only in their sneakers, and draped from head to toe with T-BONE steaks grinning like chimps!). If you want to hear the BIG BIG sound of the FE FI FO FUMS, hop on over to WWW.BOOM-BOOM.NET and buy their savage new record ELECTROFIZE ME!. If you want the FUMS to play at your toga party or SHIN-DIG then contact SIR JOHNNY, he plays the bass guitar.

Check out the Video from budgetrock V
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