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MANTENO, Illinois, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Alternative
One Iron Records

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Indie Uprising

Indie Boom



We are that band with that familiar sound no one can put their finger on. Catchy and listener friendly, we captivate our audience with shredding guitars, non stop movement and a grueling sense of urgency.

We perform songs loud, soft, full band and acoustic; with acoustic guitars, singing, sometimes screaming, guitar solos, breakdowns, loud distortion, piano, clean tone guitars, catchy vocals, chanting, driving drum beats, energy, emotion and truth.

We are a relentless force that refuses to be brought down.

We are Intense, heartfelt yet carefree.

We are ambitious and relentless.

We are inspiration to hundreds and family to many more.

We are not afraid to be ourselves.

We can be funny.

We have toured many times since 04.

We have given up everything to be part of this band.

We have played Basements, Bars, Coffee Houses, Garages, Houses, Parties, Shops, Churches, Schools, Warped Tour and almost anywhere else you can imagine.

We will be touring almost all of 2008.

We will play nearly every state within the U.S. in 2008.

We will be in a town near you soon (if you ask and it's in the country).

We will talk to you, become friends with you consider you family.

We play benefit shows and birthday parties.

We care about our fans and the music we write.

We trade shows.

We promote shows.

We are here for you, your entertainment and satisfaction.

We are Feature Presentation.


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We would like to thank all the people, venues, bands and especally the fans that have been so good to us this year. We wouldn't be anywhere without you!

We would very much like to stay in touch with all of our newly added fans. We love our friends and fans with all of our heart. We love talking with everyone so please contact us. We promise to respond back as quckly as we can.
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