Fear of Fours

Artist / Band / Musician
Progressive / Metal / Death Metal
Valery Records
The fusion of the ’70 english prog rock with radical metal, arabian percussions and flamenco is not an easy task, but FEAR OF FOURS succeeded. The listener is taken by the hand in this harmonic voyage through the original sound of “Never Heaven”, which is the band’s own ode to man’s imperfection and fallibility, a record that never lets you down Fear of Fours have been formed by top italian artists: the New York born vocalist Terence Holler from Eldritch (Diversity-media/SPV), Andrea Martongelli lead guitarist of the Uk based Power Quest (Marquee/Avalon-Majestic Rock) and Arthemis (Marquee/Avalon), Mirko Nosari and Marco Piran respectively guitarist and drummer of Mothercare (Freecom-RAI/Edel Italy), Giulio Bogoni former session keyboardist of White Skull (ex Nuclear Blast) and the talented bassist Lucio Piccoli. After their very first demo recorded on January 2005 the band started working on the full length titled “NEVER HEAVEN” released by Valery records on June 2007. On November 2007 Andrea, Giulio and Terence decided to leave the band for personal reasons, in few weeks the band found the musicians to join forces with: Nicola Denti on lead guitar, Klandelion boards and Giamba Manenti on vocals. With this new line-up Fear of Fours re-entered the studio to record a promo in June 2008. During Summer 2010 the band started the pre-production of the new album due to be released on early 2011.

PS. "Fear of Fours" is the title of one of the greatest Lamb's record (since we're fan of them).mind to check them out (www.lamb.tv).

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Produced, Recorded and Mixed by BunkkerMirko plays Manne guitars exclusively

Marco plays Le Soprano Drums exclusively

Graphic Concept: Elisa Paiola

Photosessions : Monica Tarocco, Elisa Paiola, Laura Paiola and Rudy Pellizzon

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CRAVING FOR LIGHT (taken from "Never Heaven" - 2007)
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