En Jae

Santa Cruz, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Trip Hop / Down-tempo / Minimalist
Does anybody ever really read this?

ENJAE is a female solo artist, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist
who, along with guest musicians writes, arranges, produces, mixes and performs her own music.
ENJAE's single 'Who Am I' was originally release in 1999 and made it to the top ten on MP3.com.
Although the music is now over ten years old it is still very relavent and enjoyed by many age groups and cultures.

ENJEA's music was not made with a computer. Much of it was live performing artists backed by samples.
With the technology available today this method is rarely used.
The samples they used to create parts of an ENJAE song were all taken from albums. Sometimes a sample they used from an album would be one note or a snare drum that sounded perfect for the song they were producing.
This painstaking process is now being referred to as 'micro sampling'.
Before the term 'micro sampling' was developed ENJAE referred to this process as 'making beats' the 'old school style'. Word.<
There is a lot of music currently being made to sound as though it was produced through 'micro sampling'. Computer programs have developed effects that make it virtually impossible to tell if the music was created on a computer or through traditional sampling and live perfomance methods. A discerning ear can usually tell the difference as 'micro sampling' usually gave the music a warmer feel.
Many of the songs currently being produced include a effect that replicates the crackling you would hear if you were taking samples from vinyl. When you hear this it is usually tell-tale sign that the music you are listening to is actually made to sound as though it was produced in the traditional 'micro sampling' style. This crackling effect is so popular today that it has almost become cliche in many styles of music.
The only crackling you hear in ENJAE's music comes from the sample that was taken from an actual recordyes, the real vinyl that they used to create a sound.


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