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Washington, US
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Hip Hop / Indie / Breakbeat
Gnawledge Records / Revolution DAO
Elemental Zazen -- The Glass Should Be FullAVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD NOW!!!! http://potholesinmyblog.com/download-elemental-zazen-the-glass-should-be-full-lp/ -- Featuring production from Kno (Cunninlynguists),

Joe Beats (Non Prophets),

Maker (Glue),

Gnotes (Gnawledge), Scroll,

J. Ferra and Confidence

Praise for The Glass Should Be Full

"Zazen's flow sets a fearlessly tight example for countless indie rhymers.3/4."

Adam Anonymous-Hip Hop Connection

"Zazen is.a top caliber lyricist, a rare treat in a genre where being thoughtful and insightful is often treated like a sinful vice instead of a saintly virtue. 8.5/10."

Steve 'Flash' Juon-Rap Reviews.com

"Electrifying.Clean as a surgical scalpel and just as sharp.(The Glass Should Be Full) is what a nervous system would sound like if it were plugged into an amp." Raphael Luckom- The Weekly Dig

"given the pain that moved his pen at such agonizing angst-addled angles, his sophomore release is as hardcore an opus as Tupac’s Me Against the World.certifies that honesty, vulnerability, and introspection make for better hip-hop than masked insecurity and bullshit every single time." Chris Faraone- Boston Phoenix"Zazen is one of the foremost hip-hop poets who shows rather than tells, and his second album is a musical and lyrical oasis for anyone who’s caught between Immortal Technique’s militant bent and white dudes who talk convincing politics but have never read a newspaper." Jump The Turnstyle "An astonishing examination of the effects of political corruption and personal turmoil."-potholesinmyblog.com

".from "Handcuffs" to "Dying Planet" he drops straight up knowledge that makes Atmosphere look like they don't take their opportunity seriously enough." Andrew Fersch- Performer Magazine

".tracks like "Disappear" display an existential flair from this skilled MC. The production, courtesy of a bunch of different producers, is hard and banging, matching Zazen's forceful flow throughout."- Lost At Sea

"In these trying times, hip-hop needs cats like Elemental to help convey these messages of fear, struggle and pain from deep within the American Dream, as well as on a more global level. Pump this in your jeeps while you are plotting your next public disturbance, or peace rally."- Rock The Dub

"Whether you’re in the market for a new favorite artist or looking for a soundtrack to supplement your daily fight against The Man, this album is definitely one to give a chance."

Raina Change - Daily Evergreen

Buy the album at CDBaby, Amazon,


Album Preview -->

1 Silence of the Now [prod. by Confidence and J.Ferra]

2 Disappear [prod. by Maker]

3 Handcuffs [prod. by Confidence and J.Ferra]

4 No Survivors [prod. by Kno]

5 Machine [prod. by Elemental Zazen]

6 Break [prod. by Scroll]

7 Dying Planet [prod. by Gnotes]

8 Don't Front [prod. by Joey Beats]

9 Hanging By A Thread [prod. by Kno]

10 Your Love Is Fate [prod. by Joey Beats]

11 Life is Priceless [prod by. J.Ferra]

Elemental Zazen - "HANDCUFFS" (Music Video)

Directed by

Canyon Cody

One of 5 "Locals on the Verge" in 2008! -

Boston Globe.

"Fast, furious, raw, and reflective, this Cambridge-based MC has got a lot on his mind: war, poverty, Third World exploitation, visions of world leaders in handcuffs. Verbally nimble and righteously indignant, Zazen rhymes with a purpose - "pump a fist if you exist to bring the system down!"

-Boston Globe "Locals on the Verge"

One of 10 to Watch for in 2007! -

Weekly Dig.

"We love the fact that he's a revolutionary in running shoes, and that his bedroom produced "The Adolescence Weapon" is one of Boston's most enlightened hip hop discs in recent memory.The result, we believe, will have Immortal Technique fans liking at least one white person."

- Weekly Dig "Boss Ten"





You can download my debut album The Adolescence Weapon for free here in the A/V section. It's an oldie but goodie.

First of all: If you believe that enlightenment through peace is the goal, you are my comrade. Big up to everyone putting in work volunteering, helping the community, fighting oppression, and especially to those that educate themselves and others about the evils of capitalism.

I've decided that my bio is never again going to be one of those "this artist is entirely unlike anything else and is basically the greatest thing ever" paragraphs that most everyone else has. I grew up in Asia. I play shows. I record music. I believe in worldpeace. If you don't like the music, I still send positive karma your way

Those that I have collaborated with include: Dj Vadim, Kno, Jake One, Joe Beats, Illmind, Jean Grae, Vast Aire, Maker, Eligh, Scroll, Metaform, M-Phazes, Gnotes, Blue Sky Black Death, Qwel, Wise Intelligent, Esoteric and several other gems.

Some of the many artists I've had the pleasure of playing shows with: Immortal Technique, Kool Keith, Mr. Lif, Animal Collective, Ill Bill, Murs, Cage, Devin The Dude, Boot Camp Clik, Cunninlynguists, Wise Intelligent (PRT), Roc Raida (X-ecutioners), Masta Ace, Camu Tao, 2mex, Akrobatik, Yak Ballz, Freestyle, Akir, Q-Unique, Bigg Jus (Company Flow), Glue (Adeem, Maker & DJDQ), Louis Logic, Tonedeff, Slaine, Ed OG, Pack FM, Termanology, DJ Eclipse and many, many more

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