Freezepop Frontload (The Official Video) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Nov 11, 2008
Freezepop In Frontload. One of their best songs. enjoy

Freezepop is
Liz Enthusiasm (vocalist/designer)

Sean T. Drinkwater (synthesizers/programmer/vocalist)

The Duke of Pannekoeken (producer/vocalist/programmer)

Lable : Rykodisc/Cordless Recordings

Freezepop have a strong connection with their fans and have toured extensively, playing energetic, fun, and chaotic shows throughout North America and Europe. The band has used the internet to reach out to new listeners and stay in touch with the diverse ranks of old-schoolers. features enough content to keep visitors entertained for hours; the bands MySpace page is still maintained by the band members themselves, and has racked up over 60,000 friends and more than four million plays.
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