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Eclipse is a band that breaks boundaries. With no less than 7 musicians at every performance, they bring a new and forward-looking sound to the music scene. These versatile style-mashers continuously push traditional boundaries as they seamlessly combine elements of hip-hop, jazz, rock, funk, latin, & world music into their sound. This composite of talent comes from Brian B-G (keyboards), Max Gise (guitars), Jibri (emcee), Daddie Rich (emcee), Aaron Jacobs (bass), Phillip Tipton (drums), Charlie Schweitzer (percussion), and Paul B-G (saxophones). The core of Eclipse first met each other while attending the College-Conservatory of Music (CCM) at the University of Cincinnati. In their free time they began rehearsing jazz and rock fusion tunes to hone their improvisational skills. Soon after, the guys met Jibri while performing at a live poetry jam in a local bar. “When I first heard Daddie Rich’s and Jibri’s combined vocal attack, intelligent lyrics, and effortless interplay with each other and the band, I knew we had something special,” says guitarist Max Gise. Since their conception, Eclipse has been staying busy. They’ve played festivals, clubs, and colleges throughout the Tri-state area and also in other nearby cities like Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Cleveland. In late 2007, Eclipse released their debut self-titled album and had the opening song “Mambo Hop” featured on WOXY’s local Lixx. They recently won the CEA award for "best hip-hop" in 2008. Eclipse has also just released a new live DVD and CD featuring footage from several performances. The band plans to venture out further east and south to cities like Washington D.C., Atlanta, NYC, and Philadelphia to bring their music to new audiences.

“The intricate lyrics, mixed with clear-cut, yet divine musical aptitude create a mind-blowing exhibition of sound.” –Lisa Colina, The Pulse

“The ensemble is an interesting mix of styles and aesthetics, combining new school… with old school.and international influences with progressive Jazz harmonies and a Hip Hop core. There is a depth, both musically and emotionally, that pervades and transforms what otherwise might be interpreted as simply dance grooves into something greater. Their original compositions are performed with the precision of a ballet dancer but the attitude of a street fighter.” – Elizabeth Wu, Citybeat

“Eclipse is simply first string players strung out on a musical concoction of ground breaking proportions.” – Eastside Vibes


Here is one of our instrumental tunes from our recording at The Mad Frog. More Videos will soon follow!
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