The Dune Mix compiled and mixed by Mike G - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 25, 2016


1. Dune themes and Prelude (re-edit) by Toto & Vienna Philharmonic
2. Travelling Without Moving - Trip 8, Trip 3 edit by Pete Namlook
3. The Golden Path/The Freman Qizarate/Horizon (re-edits) by Brian Singer
4. Leto's Theme by Toto & Vienna Philharmonic
5. Desert Prayer by Steve Roach & Kevin Braheny
6. Trip To Arakkis by Toto, Vienna Philharmonic & Vienna Volksoper Choir Choir
7. Travelling Without Moving - Trip 1, Trip 4 re-edit by Pete Namlook
8. Prophecy Theme by Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois
9. Travelling Without Moving (Trip 5) by Pete Namlook
10. Spice Of God by The Spice Barons
11. Mirage by Pete Namlook
12. Hand In Hand Under A Crescent Headed Star by Spice Barons vs Popol Vuh (Mike G mix)
13. Trisine (re-edit) by Solar Quest
14. Star Dreams by Michael Stearns


Compiled and mixed by Mike G at Rubycon Sound, June-August 2006.

Inspired by Frank Herbert's books, Lynch's epic film and the mini-series.

Psychedelic ambient drones, space jazz, ambient trance and lush orchestral passages. Music by The Spice Barons, Toto, Popol Vuh, Pete Namlook, Steve Roach and more. The mix includes additonal samples from theatrical & extended editions of "Dune" directed by David Lynch.

First webcast on The Chillout Channel @ Digitally Imported Internet Radio

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