K Custom Special Dry - First Impressions - Henry Cole - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 10, 2017
Zildjian Artist Henry Cole sits down to play our new K Custom Special Dry Collection for the first time.

Learn more about the K Custom Special Dry Collection: http://bit.ly/2l4EH06

The cymbal setup (from left to right):
18” Special Dry Crash http://bit.ly/2k4Ek4x
14” Special Dry FX HiHat Top http://bit.ly/2kxwUdy
19” Special Dry Trash Crash http://bit.ly/2kawzMR
15” Special Dry HiHats http://bit.ly/2jH55Ad
20” Special Dry Crash http://bit.ly/2k4FXiE
10” Special Dry Splash http://bit.ly/2k4BqwZ
22” Special Dry Crash http://bit.ly/2kBetVa
23” Special Dry Ride http://bit.ly/2jHdR10
18” Special Dry China Trash http://bit.ly/2l4tWuJ
21” Special Dry Trash Crash http://bit.ly/2jLTxH0

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