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Stationary (Heart)
Music video for "No Allies" directed by Matt Porterfield.

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Masks. New EP out March 23, 2010 on Thrill Jockey Records featuring three different limited edition die-cut covers printed in metallic inks.

Music video for "Vivre Sans Temps Mort" directed by Cat Solen, 2009. Made entirely from still photography and stop motion animation---amazing! totally worth watching the whole thing!


L.A. Record

"Double Dagger distill everything I love about '90s post-grunge underground music into a new style that feels totally fresh and progressive. And that's what underground music is all about: taking the wreckage we've been left with by previous generations and making something revolutionary--and beautiful--from the debris." -- Sean Carnage

MTV Newsroom

"In the manic stew that is the Baltimore music scene, Double Dagger stands above everyone else. The awesome noise generated on More is almost childlike in its exuberance, as if it was recorded on a playground full of kicked-in amplifiers. “No Allies” is the best first track on any album released this year."

Pitchfork - 8.1 out of 10 (Masks EP)

"[At] their best, Double Dagger feel fresh and urgent. Each song is like another alarm clock ringing."

Remember Your Future -- MORE Review

"It became something of an addiction, this record. I couldn't put it down. It would end and I'd flip it back over and play it again. I must have listened to this record a hundred times, at least. And damn if it isn't as exciting now as it was the first time."

Rolling Stone

"Skull-fuckingly loud."

Aural States

"One of the most vital bands to ever emerge from Baltimore."

Drowned In Sound - 8.0 out of 10

"By all rational expectations, Double Dagger shouldn’t work on any level. But on new EP Masks, their brand of angsty noise just does work and spectacularly so. Masks is an all-night drunken party in your best friend’s basement that you really don’t want to miss."

Catholic University Rag

"Double Dagger is one of the most forward-thinking punk bands in the country, and one of the American independent scene’s best kept secrets."

Baltimore City Paper

"BEST OF BALTIMORE 2010" "[More] destroys. Frankly, 'punk' is a stand-in here, because this blasts through punk, hardcore, 'post-hardcore,' and the rest of it into its own field of non-stop revolution."

The Stranger

"[Double Dagger are] Rhodes Scholar athletes of caustic sound, summoning anthemic energy with dependable white-guy moxie. You will probably mosh to this, but thoughtfully and at acute angles."

All Music Guide

"Bringing back the spirit of the underground punk movement of the '80s, specifically that of Dischord bands like Minor Threat and Fugazi, Double Dagger's, More, is precisely that. It's more provocative, more realized, and more powerful than any of their prior releases. This is punk rock in the purist form. Filled with social commentary and smart, art-house literary references, picking a favorite on this album could prove itself a difficult feat."

BBC Music

"More exposes Double Dagger's softer side – and it's immensely likable. [The album] is guaranteed to stay deep within the ears and hearts of those it does reach."

The Washington Post

"One of the toughest things about being an amazing live band is transferring the in-person experience to CD. And there aren't many better live bands than Baltimore trio Double Dagger. There's simply no way to recreate that infectious live energy, but the aptly-titled Ragged Rubble comes pretty close. This is the kind of record that probably won't make it onto the radar of too many people, but will leave a lasting impression on those who take the time to listen."

Rock Sound Magazine - 8.0 out of 10 (More)

"Double Dagger's debut album for Thrill Jockey is a veritable riot fit to introduce their elastic east coast indie-rock to the wider world. By turns crushingly discordant and deceptively melodic beneath Nolen Strals' twisted intonations, "More" is exactly what you'll be left wanting."

Pasta Primavera

"Baltimore’s Double Dagger is a ball of fire that freezes your hand, a warm embrace that punches you in the gut, an explosive puppy."

Aural States

"You’ll wonder why the hell these other bands need more members and instruments to even attempt to approach the intensity, size and diversity of Double Dagger’s sound."

Anti-Gravity Bunny: Haiku Review

"/daggers are awesome/

/double daggers, twice awesome/

/i want more daggers/"

The Mobtown Shank

"Baltimore's most important band."

Punk Planet

"Po-mo as a motherfucker."

Village Voice

"I'm not sure I know what the point is, and I don't care. [This] shit gets on my nerves."

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Double Dagger CDs, LPs, 7"s, and MP3s can be found at numerous purveyors of quality audio including: Atomic Books, Thrill Jockey Records, Stationary (Heart), Insound, iTunes, eMusic, Fina Music, and your local record store (if they don't carry it, ask for it!). Support independent businesses and music.


Thrill Jockey Records

Vinyl comes with free digital download!


Masks CD/LP/MP3

Thrill Jockey Records

Vinyl comes with free digital download.


Ragged Rubble CD/LP/MP3

Stationary (Heart) Recordings


Double Dagger CD/MP3

Hit-Dat Records

Sophisticated Urban Living 7" EP

Terra Firma Limited

Bored Meeting 7" EP

Toxic Pop Records

Records Toreism compilation LP

Thrill Jockey Records

Love And Circuits compilation 2xCD

Cardboard Records

For a complete discography visit the Double Dagger website.


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