Double Dagger - Pillow Talk - Video
PUBLISHED:  Mar 09, 2013
From their last "Masks" 12' E.P. out in 2010.
The Baltimore band broke up but they will release a final documentary and album for the "Record Store Day" April 20, 2013.

Recorded at Current Gallery, Baltimore - January 2009.
Thrill Jockey Records - Thrill 239 - 2010

Denny Bowen - drums, percussion
Nolen Strals - vocals
Bruce Willen - bass, vocals

Directly from my vinyl collection!
Equipped by: Technics SL 1200 Mk.2, Grado Pickup, Kenwood A-74 Amplifier, Zoom H2 Recorder.
All my album are washed, before recording, with a 1974 "Keith Monks Audio" Studio Mark II record cleaning machine.
Play it Loud!
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