Dollar - Sent

Brighton, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Metal / Punk
Dollar-Sent formed in mid '04 in Brighton, England. After many line up changes caused by various mental issues, girlfriends and slack arsed now ex-members the current line up got their act together and started gigging in December of that year. The first show was at the Concorde 2 in Brighton. Someone put us on between two ska bands, at an all age's show. After scaring the crap out of a bunch of children we developed a strong following and went on to support Zeke in February '05 and followed this up with a string of successful headline and support shows with the likes of Orange Goblin. On top of this, after playing a storming set at the '06 Bulldog Bash we went on to tour all over the place.

Dollar Sent finally split up after one final tour in August '08 leaving a trail of busted eardrums, battered egos and empty bars in our wake.

But fear not, we'll be back in various guises and other bands before long so keep an eye (and an ear) out for the DS lads in a town near you.

Many thanks to all the people who have supported us over the years, we'll be seeing you again soon

For the final word, and a quote from happier times . . .

"We could start blabbing on about our musical pretensions and how we will change your life, but I'm sure you can't be arsed to read it and I can't be arsed to write it. The truth is we have no musical pretensions and we probably won't change your life, but we will make it a lot louder. Just have a listen and you'll get the idea."

"Fuck me it's rare I go to a gig where the first band is worth the entry money alone!!

Dollar sent were fucking A! Like The Wildhearts meet the Supersuckers! Ace choons and a fucking ace attitude, pure filthy rock 'n' roll!!!!!!!"Review from of the Zeke support show

"Ah, good old sleazy rock n roll motherfucker, never fails to bring a smile to my face."

"Dollar-Sent kicked and snarled their way through a set of classic Motorhead meets The Wildhearts-inspired metal dirge, and despite fears that the band had been hampered by lacklustre equipment the heavily pierced three piece gave a good account of themselves as a tight and technically gifted unit."Eastside Magazine"Dollar-Sent, what a band! Reminded me of Motorhead in their early days watch out for this lot, they were wicked! Great vocals Im sure they will keep getting better and will get signed soon some one needs to pick them up guys!!!!! Well done guys you definitely rock!"UK unsigned rock

Here's a rather sexy looking video for Diosamaperros, full of swirly goodness and lovely ladies. Also this is Spud's first apperence in the band proper.

Here's a video for King Of Your Scene that I knocked up from a load of home videos. It's not the fabled video of blog fame, bugger knows what's happened to that, this is just something to tide you over.

It's made up of various gig and home movie footage, so not the greatest quality, but I thought someone might be interested, even if it's only my mum.

King of your scene - Dollar-Sent

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