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In the 8oies Tobestar started deejaying at the age of 14 and got infected with the "jungle-fever" in late 1990 listening to a pirate radio station during a school trip to London.

"Hooligan 69" by the Ragga Twins was the track that changed his life destinctively arousing his love for the early Hardcore sound after years of listening to HipHop, Miami Bass And Electro.

He was the first in Munich trying to promote this new sound to bigger audiences in and around Munich at various Raves (e.g: "Ultraworld, Ravesignal, Union Move, Sunflower, Rave on Snow, Rave on Cruise, Thaibreak, Future, etc.).

In 1993 he joined forces with State of Riot Promotions. This joint venture gave birth to the first Munich-breakbeat-all nighters at the Backstage Club (1993) and, in 1995, the "Presha Club".

In 1996 State of Riot connected with the guys running the Delirium Record store in Munich to build up a new and even stronger platform for breakbeat music: Southern Sessions Promotions/Southern Sessions Recordings. From late 1997-99 he did the radio show "reload" on evosonic radio. He also was voted to be among the most popular DJs in Germany by Groove magazine in 1998.

Since that time, Tobestar has been busy deejaying all over Europe, producing tunes and remixes for various people(Glow, Kosmo music, BMG) also working as an A&R for Southern Sessions Recordings alongside his longtime fellow and label co-owner DJ Ryan.

In 1997 he presented the new face of German DnB by compiling and mixing of the "Code+49:Remarkable Drum and Bass" compilation. Also he produced the score for the "Stars&Stripes"-TV&Cinema campaign for Schwan Stabilo (showed during the MTV World Music Video Awards)

After years of promoting the biggest Drum and Bass events in the south of Germany and various residencies (such as at club Millenium, Am Dam Des, Mandarin Lounge, Ultraschall), the new clubnight "BiG UP!" was set up at the Muffathalle Munich in 1998 (in cooperation with the guys behind GOMMA Records (M.Modica/J.Imberry). This successfull series went till 2003.

A new home was found at the FUNKY KITCHEN, followed later by THE GARDEN club and in 2007 the REGISTRATUR and erste Liga (runnin the "selekta!" clubnights).


Tobestar has played with every major player on the DnB circuit and

now , focusing on deejaying and producing, he is ready for the next decade to come as one of Germany’s finest - the TOBE –the-STAR !


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