Logic Pro Mixing Tips by Dale Anderson - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jun 13, 2013
Discover lots of Logic Pro mixing tips with Dale Anderson. This video is part of a complete course available now at http://www.music-courses.com/p-69-83-216/?a_aid=4ece3f4b82f5a.

The online course provides a step-by-step guide to producing the classic anthem 'Makes Me Feel', which was a hit originally made with Anil Chawla that received support from pro DJs such as Nic Fanciulli, Roger Sanchez and Danny Tenaglia. In each lesson, Dale goes through how the various parts of the classic deep house track were conceived, constructing the beats, bassline, pads and other accompanying parts. He then demonstrates how the arrangement was formed, and the final mix created, showing how to balance parts, use compression and EQ to help them sit in the mix, and how reverb, delay and spreader effects can be used, both as inserts and send effects, to achieve the necessary width and depth.
The course ends with a bonus lesson that explains the musical theory behind the track, uncovering the chords used to create the harmonic progression, from which all other leads and melodic parts are derived.

Get this course and lots more at http://www.music-courses.com

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